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19th June 2006

Well, I used to have a separate 'Norm's Bookending' thread, but as Pro pointed out it's nice to get feedback and support from others, so I thought I'd start a dated thread that anyone who pops in today can use.

I challenged Anouk to a 15 mins 'open the file (or whatever)' challenge a few mins ago (sadly I think I just missed him/her), but I did it anyway because I've been sat on my bum here for over about an hour and a half and not got my act together.

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During my 15 min challenge I....

*brushed and flossed my teeth
*washed and got dressed
*made the bed (I don't know why, but psychologically I feel more ready to face the day when the bed's made. I think it signals to my mind that I'm not going to go back to bed!)
*flipped the laundry (I'd put it on rinse hold - see I'd ~started~ my morning routine, then got sidetracked)
*opened the curtains

*Hair and makeup
*Quick clean bathroom (loo and sink)
*Check calendar and tickler file and see if I need to get anything ready for meeting this afternoon (don't wanna!)
*Quick pickup around house
*Put the laundry on the radiators (really - it's cold here. I was in London yesterday where it was 28 degrees C, it's 13 degrees here in the North)

That'll do for now. I'll post back when done.

I need to finish unpacking from the weekend too, but I'll post back before then, or I'll be biting off more than I can chew.

I'm going to have to tidy my desk up too - I'm surrounded by mess and it's dragging me down.

Later (nearly 1pm):
Several hours later actually
*I've managed to put the laundry on the radiators.
*Had a snack
*CUOP on various boards (catching up on what I've missed whilst I've been away)
*That's it :(

Off to payroll work now (sans makeup) - will catch you later.

Later (about 5pm):
*Phoned clients who hadn't opened their Email from me last week cancelling tonight's classes
*Went to the meeting and got a few other jobs done at work too. When I'm only there a very short time it really gets me focused!
*Just had my lunch
*Given up on the makeup idea

*Walk with DDog and DSO
*Finish unpacking (still)
*Tidy desk (still
*Email RM re deposit
*Apparently on another thread I said I'd do some homework - I sounded quite enthusiastic about it too!

oh well, Normy - keep trying!

Hi Normy,

Sorry I wasn't here in real time to cheer you on. Maybe we'll get another member in England who shares your time zone.

I'm trying to figure out which of many different tasks to do. This is a dangerous situation for me because when I have too much to do and can't decide which is the most important, I often end up doing nothing. But I just read in "The Procrastinators Handbook" (by Rita Emmett) that's it's better to make a bad decision than no decision, so here is my decision on actions to take:

1. Make bed.
2. Wash dishes.
3. Do various tests on my DVR to see if it's the DVR or the signal that's causes my TV audio to get "burbly".
4. Record the shows on my DVR to DVD-RAM so if the cable company swaps out my box I don't lose them.
5. While the shows are recording, investigate a bug in some software a site of mine uses that was reported ages ago and I still have not fixed. (It's not MY bug, I hasten to add, but it's my site so I have to fix it.)

When I've finished all that, I'll reassess and decide what to do next (and CHECK IN HERE, of course).

CI: worked on program, brought up laundry

I brought up the first two loads of clean laundry, and put the third load in the dryer. I forgot to put a dryer sheet in there, so I have to go back down and do that.

I wish my cable TV wasn't so screwed up. I like watching TV sometimes.

CI: checked laundry, set up recording

I'm recording a movie from my damaged DVR since the cable company will probably give me a new one tomorrow. After the movie there are two other things I want to record. In the meantime, I think I'll look at the program bug rather than wash dishes.

CI: showered, did test on DVR

I did the test on the DVR that the cable guy suggested. Not only is it not fixed, it's worse. So they will almost certainly swap out my DVR box tomorrow, and that means I have to record what's on it to DVD-RAM (if I don't want to lose it).

I'll go check the laundry (need more dryer time), then start recording. I hope it can at least play back recordings without burbling.

CI: flip-flopped laundry, got mail

I flip-flopped the laundry (again) and went out to get the mail (at Mailboxes, Etc.).

I'm thinking I'd like to take a shower. It's very hot and humid here and I feel gross. After a quick shower, I'll continue on my task list.

CI: Added a "Books" section to the forum

I didn't really do what I said I was going to do - unless you count flip-flopping the laundry. The other things I did were:

(1) Take a watermelon break (I love watermelon).
(2) Add a "Books" board to the forum on this Web site. This involved going through my bookcase to find all the procrastination books, and posting a list with comments (such as they were - mostly I've procrastinated on reading these books).

If you've read any of these books, please add a comment with your opinion of it. If you have read other books on procrastination that aren't listed, add them! Just put the book title and author in the Subject, as I did with the previous titles.

Gotta go flip-flop the laundry again...

CI: laundry and spam

There is no relationship between laundry and spam. Those are just the two things I worked on since my last check-in.

I put in a load of laundry, and wiped down the extremely disgusting (looked like poop) stuff on the washer. The old man on the 1st floor recently did his laundry - I suspect it was from him. GROSS!!!!!!!!

I also went through my spam folder, which I need to do every day.

Now it's time to put the first load of laundry into the dryer, and put the second load into the washer.

Then I'll investigate the DVR problem.

And then the dishes.

I'll be baaaaaaack...............

CI: bed made, putting laundry in.

I decided to do my laundry before there is so much of it I can't carry it to the basement. I made up the bed (involves stripping off the sheets since it's a futon), and I'm ready to bring the laundry downstairs.

I need frequent check-ins or I veer wildly off track, so you'll hear again from me soon!!

Any other bookenders around?

today's bookending

I haven't finished reading all the new posts (including the one I'm responding to!). I just wanted to post in the bookending thread right away to let everyone know someone else was here.

I think we're an ocean apart, aren't we Normy? Time zones are so inconvenient. But I'm here, ready to bookend with anyone else who's into it.

Still here

It's 8.15 pm here.

*Took DDog for walk
*Finished unpacking
*Got ~totally~ sidetracked
*Computer went on a go-slow then crashed - grrr

Am I going to do anything else tonight? I don't think so. Maybe I'll just watch the rental DVD so we can send it back. Not particularly useful, but it's my best offer, LOL!

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cool! a reply to a bookend post!

Hi Normy! I'm glad you're still here.

Okay, you got sidetracked. These things happen. But don't forget to give yourself credit for the things you did get done! I have a tendency to only focus on what I didn't do, and give myself no credit for what I did do. In fact, even when I'm productive I have a tendency to put myself down for not doing enough. So at least recognize that you did do some stuff today. :)

Thanks pro

I couldn't even be bothered to watch that film! Took an early night instead - I needed it.

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