Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wednesday 4 July 2007

Happy 4th

Made great progress today using the check-ins. Will check back in the morning and get started again. Have a great 4th everybody!

3 pm

Still progressing although I got side-tracked by family stuff and talking to a neighbor I hadn't visited with in a while, but those were good interruptions. Will check in again at 5:15 and then move on to the fun fourth of July stuff for the evening.

today's progress

I'm happy with my progress this morning. I've checked 8 items off my list. I really think that wi/o it I wouldn't have gotten any of these things done. I'll check back in at 3 pm.

ronaldk CI 4:45pm

My FAB meeting got out of hand, so didn't have time to do other stuff. But the FAB is almost finished now. Data analysis will have to wait until tomorrow. Tonight I plan to:

* cook
* put ready all the thrash that is picked up tomorrow
* meditate
* write a short story

I'll report on it tomorrow morning.

9:00am CI for Lark (and 7:45 pm)

Good morning everyone. Last night I forgot to drop something off to someone while I was downtown, so I'll need to do that today. I did laundry, and it didn't get quite dry, so my place looks like a clothing flea market this morning. Isn't so easy to make a mess?
(X) morning routine
(X( meditate, if only for a few minutes
(X) drop things off in town
(X)visit hospital
put clothes away
do enough on work project to where I wanted to be yesterday
(X) check in here mid-day

ronaldk CI 12:05PM

Almost satisfied with my work this morning.

* Finished experiments - DONE
* Examine results - DONE
* Redo PC analysis if possible - PARTLY DONE
* Do some calculations for FAB - NOT DONE

tasks for afternoon:
* finish PC analysis and write down conclusion
* meeting Steven
* meeting Justin to finish FAB

Will check in around 5PM again.

ronaldk CI 08:55AM

My progress yesterday evening: I cooked and washed the towels. Decided it was better to collect the rubbish this evening. Also decided not to sell the diner table on ebay, but donate it to charity. I did however clear the huge pile of magazines and newspapers in my livingroom, and I even cut my toe nails ;-)

My tasks for this morning:
* Finished experiments
* Examine results
* Redo PC analysis if possible
* Do some calculations for FAB

It's quite a lot, but it should be possible. I'll check it around 12 noon to report on my progress.