Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


I fixed the pictures

It looked like you were using a combination of the manual method and the rich text method. They don't mix! But I see you figured it out later, so that's good.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Oops, that didn't do it!

Oops, that didn't do it!


I read the instructions about how to put the graphic images in. I'm able to get the URL but I"m still not seeing where to paste it in. Any help with this would be appreciated.



Hi Julie,

Not sure if this answers your question, but I just put the graphics stuff into my message, wherever I want it to be in the posting. The cats are a line at the bottom. Does that help at all?


Ok, I think I've got it. Thanks!


Gmarie - Noon

go through boxes in upper hall
make counseling and dental apts.
research cars
order stamps
call Ardath re/ computer pick-up
call Hiers Karate
check POs and email Colleen & Rolff
research re/ CELDT testing in summer
research re/ Scantron roster
redo CST charts
revise gains charts; send link to C; cc Sherri
revise testing calendar and send link to C
design assessment manual "look"
compile phone numbers, links and email addresses
transfer info. for Rolff

ronaldk CI 7:55PM

Yesterday evening I planned to meditate en do some writing, but my girlfriend wanted to look a rental video which we didn't see yet. That was OK though.

My CI today is quite late because I took a day off from work to work on my home todo list. I got rid of some old furniture and donated 2 old bikes to a bike shop,  creating a lot of space in my shed. I sorted the drawer with video tapes and DVD's, vacuumed the whole house, did some necessary shopping, cooked, did the laundry, attached a new name plate at the front door and did some small tasks. Seems quite a lot this way, but I always seem to feel that I could have done more.

Tonight I will meditate, write a short article for my website and, if I have time left, work on a short story. Oh yeah, I have to call my mother tonight, which I'll do immediately...

Tomorrow I'll check in early again.


Congratulations on such a productive day!!! I am inspired! =D

11:20 CT check in

My morning has definitely not gone as planned. Our new puppy had a MAJOR accident on the floor that took a while to clean up. Still I'm on my way out the door on time. Will check in later for this afternoon.

10:00 check-in for Julie

My list will be pretty short for now because I'm picking up my daughter for lunch at noon. Major goal: to leave the house by 11:30 so I can get there on time!

Get ready to go
Write a note to drop off at doctor's office

I'll check in at 11:25 and will be read to leave.

Hope your morning is going well Lark (:

9:00am CI for Lark and 3:pm) and 1:10pm)

I don't think I started the daily thread 100% right, but I hope it works. I'm being pulled in several directions today, and need to prioritize things, lest it could be a bad day. In other words, not everyone will be satisfied with me today!
To do:
(X) morning things
 (X)meditate, reflect
 clean off table (the pile had offspring)
 (X)quick house cleanup
 (X)finish section of work project A
 (X)go to building supply store
 (X)order thing for sand
(X)make plans for project B (BUT DON;T START)
 (X)check in later this morning

Good luck everyone.