Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Friday June 22, 2007

Good morning everyone. I'm not sure how to add graphics, so could someone add something? There haven't been many daily check-ins lately. Please take a few minutes and try it folks. It really helps everyone.
morning routine
normal household cleanup
make sure project is ready for client
do something about kitchen electrical plug
contact Melvin
finish section of project B
call DJ
check in again

* I agree Lark =)

I am writing at 10:15 PST, so I don't have much left of my Friday... However, tomorrow, I plan to make shorter lists, be more specific about my tasks and check in more frequently - every hour or two. I think it will help me focus and feel successful.

TO DOs - Next check in @ 11:30

X answer work emails
X note to M
* follow up on requests from DV
* update WASC assessment participation chart
* two portfolios
X recycle old letters

Check In 1:20 - fell asleep at midnight after finishing only three of my tasks! =( My timing is soooo off... Tomorrow is another day.

Friday, June 22 CI

I haven't done much all day.  I actually found this site while procrastinating.  I am sure that I am not the first one who has done that.

I want to get the following task done: put away office material sitting out in the hall.  I just cleaned out my home office, and those materials have been sitting there for three days now.  I will check back in as soon as I get that done.

I am off to get the task done.  I will begin as soon as I post this. 

I actually did what I said that I was going to do, and it only took about 25 minutes.  Smile

Now, I am going to get the stuff that needs to go to Goodwill ready to go.  I am feeling really good right now.  I will soon have another task completed.  Off I go!

I have now finished getting the stuff together.  I tried to take it to our Goodwill drop off at the mall, but it already had stuff sitting outside.  Apparently some other people were not deterred by the $1000 fine that you would receive if caught.  I on the other hand didn't think it was worth the risk.

Next, I am going to go and work on the kitchen for 20 minutes.  After that, I may quit for the night if I so choose.  I will update one last time before going to bed.  I am feeling better already after a pretty miserable day due to my procrastination.

I have completed my 20 minutes and got quite a bit done in that time.  I am now going to get ready for bed and read for a bit before going to sleep.

Tomorrow morning,
I will make my plan for the morning which will definitely include exercise and recycling before or after lunch, probably after.

I hope that everyone has a productive Saturday tomorrow!  Smile

Hey - you did great for a first visit!

Thanks for the well wishes to the rest of us. Hope you have a good day, tomorrow, as well! =)

Mark 1:50 PM EST CI

  • coordinate with Todd about outreach feature
  • resolve issue with states popup in latest and greatest
  • look into UPenn publisher issue
  • remote search modification - load in remote installation
  • shave
  • attend Lebanese festival
  • change to user view page
  • clean office
  • practice guitar
  • return DVDs and renew book


Greetings from Sac =)

How was the lebanese festival?

Fun. They have it every year

Fun. They have it every year on a particular block in South Philly.  My wife is a bellydancer, so we know several of the people who were performing.