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Thursday, 21 June 2007


It was a long productive day, but I only feel like I have to continue working. I got a lot done, but it looks horrible because everything is unfinished. This means I will have to go back into work tomorrow to clear up more before I can safely leave things alone while I am away. Why is it so difficult to work in such a way that I don't create more mess along the way?

for tonight:
plan tomorrow (have worked on)
make appointment with Ika
work on taxes
plant the plants ( i actually did get most of this done!)
deal with curtains
make dinner (I did make dinner)
check in at 9:30  (i actually did check in, although five minutes early!)

for tomorrow:
do residency papers
get linens
work at work
finish taxes
water plants
clean house
set up schedules

I am noticing that I have been bingeing on solitaire...I also was chugging cookies exercise in 2 weeks! Fear of failure has raised its head lately...

I will check in again at 10:30

I am back again and checked in at 11:00. I spent some time pointedly NOT doing what was on my list and it did not seem that enthralling not getting things done. I had simultaneous feelings of anxiety and boredom- almost enough to begin working on things.

Will now go brush my teeth, wash my face, clear the table and read for the evening. Tomorrow is a new day that I already have my to do list for...

Mollie's 8:40am CI

I'm in the chatbox. Are you still around Lark? Anyone else?

8:10am CI for Lark (and 2:??pm)

Well, I've been crossing off more of my daily goals lately, but the quality of my work isn't what I'd like. I need to do things a bit better. Also, I need to start keeping track of my time more. THAT WORKS, and I suggest trying a time log to everyone, if just for a few hours.
(X)morning routine
(X)keep time log till lunch
f(X)inish work project A
finish work project B
tidy up workshop more
wash dishes
call DJ
sort pile on table

Didn't do as well as I'd hoped for Thursday.

Some other things came up which ate into the day, but I think I could've done a bit better. BUT, I've decided to not get upset. I'll slip it onto Friday's list. Gee, I still would like to have one great day every so often.