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Sunday, July 17, 2007

Pityspatt CI -- 06/17/07

To Do:

X Laundry 1 load
Fold/hang clothes
X Exercise
X Get clothes together for tomm.
Fix lunch/snack
Find proj test

lilimiisy checking in @ 8:08 am est Sun.6-17-2007

Sunday June 17, 2007


Laundry needs to be done.
Towels especially
Unload the diswasher
Load the dirty dishes in the dishwasher

7:10am CI for Lark (and 4:25pm)(and 1:15am)

Tired this morning. There are alot of things pulling at me from different directions, and that's an open door for me to start procrastinating (usually focusing on one area and ignoring the others). Sometiimes I have to make some external structure--like signs (usually post-it notes), putting diversions away, and enlisting help from friends to either stop by or call me.
(X)morning routine
(X)attend church
(ran out of time, but did ok) finish work project A
(not possible, but did best)have friend assist on work project B, and try to finish it
clean kitchen table
(X)visit sick relative
(X)make schedule of sorts for this week

one task at a time

 I don't know if it is the art of procrastination or if it is simply me, but I see that I have spent the morning starting and not finishing about ten different tasks.

so...for today

brush teeth
take meds
make bed
load, unload dishwasher
plan, defrost food for supper
take shower
1/2 hour on taxes
1/2 hour on practicum
purchase plants
plant plants
fertalize plants
purchase sheets
call boss
go for a walk
hang up clothes

not necesarily in that order....

I only got certain basic things done today, but I did manage to sort out tax piles so that thehy can easily be worked on. Also, dinner was balanced and made on time. We are watching the Matrix on tv, which I have seen several times, so I will work some more on the taxes issue

So... for tonight,

work more on taxes
figure out clothing for tomorrow
plan tomorrow's to do list....

pick up results from clinic
schedule ika appointment
call about next year's schedule
move Bailey personal files to lower room
arrange for curtain delivery
compile existing lesson plans
write draft of practicum section