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Monday September 13, 2021

Short list - small Kaizen

Short list - small Kaizen steps

9:50 a=6/10

things personal today 

  2. physio exercises can do in chunks if prefer
  3. prayer - rdns and notes DONE
  4. WP - do review of yesterday's
  5. Prepare for CRMH meeting at 10 tomorrow - I have a spreadsheet for past few years and pull out returns from the last 5 years - check in folders and hard copy in filing cabinet. can redownload if necessary from portal online. ros
  6. Call SMH ask if I can rearrange my appointment on 30th Sept
  7. POP at 7:30-9pm - attend ? in person or virtually DIDN'T
  8. Expect a call from amb re. cns - check voicemails DONE
  9. Turn OFF AIKON


4. things professional today

  1. Write out second year report with tracked changes and send in advance to L and I ahead of 30th Sept THIS MORNING DO IT QUICKLY ROUGHLY AND GET WS TO READ
  2. Mds paperwork
    1. Download and send across paperwork to Hannah tonight
    2. Start doing mandatory training - do the ones at SRFT that are recognised by Mdcs as per Hannah's email. 
    3. Fill out hlt/Covid form - 
  3. FIND NOTES IF POSSIBLE AND IF LOST THEN Make notes and reflect on the aadhair talks watched 
  4. Note the parent website for all open tabs before closing them
  5. Consider email HC - ask if I can join clinic on Wed or next Monday



  1. Find out when Sonia Hadley called me 
    1. Update my notes on the matter
  2. Chase up my refund from CRMH



Hypatia's check-in


[x] DSEI minute

[x] ring plumber

[x] intray

[x] read inbox

[ ] washing - now drying

[ ] clear desk

[x] minilist

[x] safeguarding briefing


[x] collect bike

[ ] report Sustrans hours

[ ] send emails

[ ] email backlog


[x] OU tutorial

[ ] lace


This week's projects

[ ] AM minutes

[ ] complete accounts

[x] safeguarding

[ ] OU induction