Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

12th March 2021 Daily Check-in

We make a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understand Him (Step 3)

Wishing you a Fruitful Friday. 

Innertruth - Friday, March 12

1:15 -2: 30 - Report for TV, student homework (done)

2:30 - 4 - call MO, RP, wash dishes

4 - 6 - go for walk, shop, recycle 

Things to do

Things I will do today

1. Prayer and meditation

2. Read devotionals

3. Go and do errands

4. Wash dishes

5. Clear kitchen counter

6. Do numbers

7. Clear stove

8. Go through my e-mail

9. Get and go through my mail

hazyjane's check-in friday

I've already meditated, and walked the dog. And fed my dourdough starter.

  • write this check-in/to do list          done
  • get to nurse appointment 11:30   done
  • buy bread flour done, blu-tack    done, vanilla essence or extract
  • write for 40 minutes   done
  • brainstorm some ideas, directions to take.    done
  • go to 1pm meeting on zoom   done
  • write for 20 minutes
  • call/visit my friend that I've been neglecting surprised     done
  • read my book for 20-30 minutes.  done
  • clean the fridge     started
  • start my bread dough   done
  • do back yoga
  • write for 10 minutes
  • possibly attend drama drop-in on zoom 18:30-20:30 (first time if I do, nervous)   done!!! great fun too!!!!
  • get bread shaped for overnight proving in fridge. done
  • have bath, wash hair, cut hair.
  • get to bed early-ish - do insight timer meditation...

Will probably also need to walk dog, and may abandon all this in order to visit friend outside London that I arranged to visit today - I texted asking if tomorrow would be ok instead, but... stick to your commitments, isn't it?!?!?!?

Hypatia's check-in

Should do

[x] intray

[x] read inbox

[x] check Anne's email

[x] action emails - inbox zero (March) day 7!

[x] Zoom meeting with J

[x] order birdseed

[ ] restring guitar

[ ] email CCG

[ ] review MFS October

[ ] ironing

[x] book simpler meetings course

[x] read online safeguarding guidance

[ ] OU coursework

[ ] AM actions (March)


Could do

[ ] tai chi

[x] exercise/gardening

[x] read T&T news

[ ] housework - clear and clean hall

[ ] action from Q list - down to 27

[x] lace/knitting/embroidery

FROG for today



  1. Set out this to do list by reviewing last list and updating it DONE
  2. read readings for today DONE and make notes (really brief, a word or two is fine) 
  3. BIAY 20 MINS for yesterday and today DONE
  4. Breakfast lunch dinner SOME




Work Urgent/Important

  1. Check emails DONE
  2. Upload the letter from Dr N from TGH supporting me 
  3. Upload the card from the pt 
  4. Check what else is missing / needs amending - focus on this today
  5. See if I can close off everything today - make a note on the system that I am happy to provide anything further 
  6. Find the letter from the pt in Altrincham DOING
  7. Complete the task of comparing responses to their previous postal questionnaires
  8. Extract the other details too for each of the interviews NOT DONE YET 
  9. Write a summary piece including acknowledgment of the limitations of this approach to CTD PS assessment while also noting the superiority of this over relying exclusively on the self-reported postal questionnaire responses
  10. Submit the above to LER INB today 17:00


Personal Urgent/Important 

  1. Meeting at 12 midday
  2. Print out, prep and photograph and send the med cert to LER and VR DONE and HR
  3. Update Alison P about my continued SL
  4. Update my diary on my symptoms DONE
  5. Print out and do the exercises Maria sent via email
  6. Join the meeting at 16:00 for PA NOT DONE
  7. Call Chris re her brother again as she had asked  DONE
  8. Make a list of extra items needed from supermarket tomorrow DONE
  9. Email Gail Shields to let her know I willpursue the process but not just yet as not feeling well DONE


Personal Non-Urgent

  1. Try to sort out camera for Focus meetings 
  2. MFH scan and anchor 20-25 mins 
  3. Pray about the book ID and what was discussed 
  4. Perhaps read the next chapter of ID tonight
  5. Prepare for meeting with Dr B next week - have questions ready 






Review questionnaire data which I have already extracted DONE

Is it possible to make a provisional likely diagnosis in 75%? 

If not, how in how many is it possible to make a likely diagnosis?

If so, with what degree of confidence can I make this provisional likely diagnosis in the 75%

Extract the other details too for each of the interviews NOT DONE YET 

Write a summary piece including acknowledgment of the limitations of this approach to CTD PS assessment while also noting the superiority of this over relying exclusively on the self-reported postal questionnaire responses

Submit the above to LER INB today NOT DONE

Upload the letter from Dr N from TGH supporting me

Upload the card from the patient

Find the letter from the patient in Altrincham 

Non-work frogs


Request medical certificate tomorrow?? After I have spoken with Dr Ward - REQ FROM GP DONE 

Prepare questions for Dr Ward -use history on my device and laptop of websites I have browsed to prompt my questions DONE

Go for 3.5 or 4 k run DONE






March 3rd


Questionnaires entry

add in extra 2 columns - done

just focus on extracting info to decide if PS or not! the PS CTD related and PS non CTD related and types DONE

3k done 

5 mins pilates NOT DONE

BINAY 30 mins done

Read the chapter of the mindfulness book for last week and this week NOT DONE

Read the chapter 4 of Immortal diamond as i didn't finish this NOT DONE

Attend 11am blood test DONE

Sort flowers DONE

nap for 15 only DONE

Attend PA meetings DOING

call hosp re appointment DONE


sent whats apps to circle DONE

email rory with newest links to beloved

email fr john dale DONE







Email LER to say thanks

Whats app Chenade, Family, Extended family - arrange a walk if allowed DONE

Jog or walk to the post box and post the cards and those to Teresa and Claire and Elizabeth and Amanda and Tony. If can find birthday card for PJ send it

Order larger thank you cards online

Send card to SR MA -  prayer card small one

Mindfulness course 16:00 - 18:00 - prepare

CALL PHYSIO AT ST M'S bring date forward



Research the dx Dr Basu provided - get questions ready for Tues March 9th

Prepare for LEAP meeting on Tues 3pm - get bills ready gas and electricity and info re. insulation and pull out NHBC details re. building materials used

Sort out the direct debit for CTK

make donation to the LSP

Prayer walk with PAYG

hoover carpets and dust and wash floor in living room/d/s bathroom, glass tables, wash floor in kitchen and the front of the presses 

long walk?

Pilates on Friday 

Look into pilates with Sarah online 





Identify frog =




List all the sources of records/data for my appraisal


Get already printed out MAG form and create word doc containing all of the headings (major components) and under these list as many items as possible which fulfill these requirements


Identify any of the headings for which I do not have material -NEED TO DO 


and the paperwork in spare bedroom relating to this and in the office and put it all into a large cardboard box 


create separate folders for each component which I will require for the MAG form












Set out this to do list 

read readings for today DONE

MFH scan and anchor 20-25 mins NOT DONE


Vitamins etc DONE

Breakfast lunch dinner



Write out worry sheet/Write out BE sheet / Make use of time log/make use of distraction log


Productivity Challenger

PA, FM, SUAW, study grp via library or skype study grp, 

Library - Mayo building

Office PBU



Meeting at 10am DONE

Reply to emails DONE

Print out and read feedback from LER DONE

Gather and read through the questionnaires - do I think these are valid and corroborative and worthy of pursuing further

Use highlighter to highlight what responses I want to tabulate

Send certificates to Alison and ask re encorporation of more recent time





PA attend 4pm meeting DONE

Read chapter 4 and 5 of book on MFH

Do body scan 

Finish breathing anchor exercise

CALL SR MA at 1800

Keep on top of symptoms - monitor and restrict fluids

Send various requests to GP re. meds and need for appointment to discuss yesterday






read chapter 3+4 of ID and notes

read chapters 5&6 of mindfulness book 

send card to PJ

Get rid of paper in bin in office 

clear desk in office



prepare for Dr B's appointment - questions ready - see medical search history and generate qus in black notebook





Gather the paper plans I already made for my results chapter

Refresh what exactly needs to be added to the results chapter ? 

make a list

identify what is difficult or missing - leave this til last

Write to MF re not going ahead with ethical amendment- DONE


Consultants' course view material and save notes before access ends

Ask HR if an honorary contract can be granted to me for when my contract ends in end March 2021

Important  non urgent


UOM mandatory training - data governance

SRFT mandatory training - try to do this remotely

Read IM material before next clinic

Anticipate LN's call re end of contract

Enquire re BAD access AGAIN

Anticipate LN's call re end of contract 



Walk 25 mins minimum

5 minutes of pilates minimum - Tuesday workout


BINAY study 20 MINS

vits etc