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Hooch's accursed project ll

I started a project.... in 2010... I have never finished writing up the project :-(

But it is not too late right? Especially with all this working at home time :-/


The goal - 4 pomos a day. Today I will tackle some of the Background section


The state of play:


there is something here, but needs improvement


lots of notes, no paragraphs


mostly done


some done, needs more analysis






go, Hooch, go!

no, it's not too late. when i first joined PA, there was a guy who was in the final year of finishing a project he had started ten years before, and it was superinspiring to witness. i've got my pom poms, and i'm rooting for you! 

Best of luck, Hooch... I

Best of luck, Hooch... I sympathize with the difficulty of finishing up an old project!

go for it! We'll be rooting

go for it! We'll be rooting for you.


Sending you good wishes for

Sending you good wishes for it, Hooch!