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Hypatia's accounts


to file all the 2019 paperwork and send to the independent examiner


[x] find all the paperwork

[x] set up binder to file it in

[x] for each pile of papers

...[x] sort papers into filing sections

...[x] sort papers into date order

...[x] file papers

[x] print spreadsheet

[x] check receipts against spreadsheet

[x] check payments against spreadsheet

[x] check uncleared cheques

[x] file utility bills separately

[x] write cleared dates on cheque stubs

[x] print any documents required

[x] find phone bills

[x] report on unclaimed cheques

[x] print savings accounts reports

[x] check balance sheet

[x] contact independent examiner

[x] files posted to examiner 08/10/2020


It's done!

Joy of joys - it's done!  Just waiting for the independent examiner to get back to me.  My thanks to everyone in the chat-room for all your moral support.

This should have been completed back in July, and the spreadsheet should have been completed month by month instead waiting until the year was over.  I said last year I wouldn't get myself into this situation this year, but....    I've realised that the major problem is anxiety, triggered for a mixture of reasons which I am only slowly becoming aware of.

I am hoping and praying that I have now cracked the block, and can start sorting out the 2020 accounts after a short break


haribol's picture

bravo Hypatia!

That is awesome to hear ... congrats on getting it done