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A Place for Bookending Without Replies

Here is a place you can bookend without replies. 


10 off and then AC email. breakdown

1) read it DONE

2) get the options clear in your mind

3) choose 


then food/cleaning/wardrobe journaling 


ok there's a spreadsheet with a whole mess of numbers to understand. added steps:

1b) read my email DONE

1c) read P's email and jot down relevant numbers DONE 

1d) read J's email and jot down relevant numbers DONE


10 off then as many of those steps as i can. 


2a) read AC email

2b) look at AC spreadsheet 


10 off and then those steps. 


AC email done. yay!! 


10 off 


10 off and then vitamins and open document to edit

nope 20 more off

ok i think i need to tackle CL reply 


1) listen to message and take notes

2) bullet point response JOURNALED EXTENSIVELY 

3) leave voice reply

10 off and then step 1. 


now i want to take an hour off and then turn to editing. 

marcelor 27 October

The time is 13:08. 2 hours to work towards being accountable. 

Work in pomos on my list. Aim to be todoist zero by 15 and then walk the dog and go to hardware store before picking up A.


for the next hour i just want to focus on laptop cleanup.

10 off and then i want to finish moving text around. DONE W/O BREAK

10 off and then i will take screenshots, quit, restart, and then decide on my next task DONE W/O BREAK.

options: text edit restoration (opening files, trying to restore pre-crash state), catchup reading, breakfast and practicing, novel editing, recording debrief, dishes/cleanout fridge/big batch cooking/food planning


now breakfast and practicing DONE

dishes/cleanout fridge/big batch cooking/food planning DONE

recording debrief DONE

next priority is novel. DONE


open hips DONE

pilates DONE

editing DONE

schedule the day DONE

big batch cooking DONE



10 off and then e-mail 


10 mins hip opening DONE

pilates DONE

vitamins DONE

dishes DONE

spending record DONE

ballot DONE

thomas email DONE

make an eating schedule DONE

email about coaching





Ok there are 4 parts to the email:


Gonna take 20-30 off and then do part 1. I just need to be finished by noon. 



-Date of expiration. Still have not registered DONE

-Did you get my docs? Thought maybe there was problem when I received no reply? DONE

-Three sets of questions, most to do with the Visa Extension DONE

2) VISA 

-Is there a problem with the NGE. How much it cost. Check did come. Would you greatly prefer one. When do they "expire"? Should I ask him now? Or are the dollars such a problem that it's better to wait for the October check? If my appointment is before March of 2021, would I need an NGE for 2021, because that would be really tricky. 


-Finanzamt issue


-KSK Beiträge issue. Should I put in that change now? Does it matter?


-Other docs are dated BLAH. Would I need updated ones?


-Should I prepare a 2021 revenue projection chart?


3) Right to work as anything

-What do I need?


4) Permanent residency application

I thought 5 years in KSK, you said no. What can we do there?

(Put in the language about the pension) 


Is there anything else I should be doing to prepare? 



10 off then I will break down this email 


10 mins on filing

10 mins off 




1) go through income in personal accounting spreadsheet and make a little list


2) update income text edit document


3) go through grand totaling and make a little list in a temp workpad document


4) look at receipts not yet entered


5) look at income not yet entered 


6) look through BoA statement for additional entries and add to temp list


7) look through DB statement for additional entries and add to temp list 


8) update 2020 for L excel spreadsheet with everything in not yet entered and on temp list


9) update 2020 US only spreadsheet with everything in not yet entered and on temp list that didn’t go on German spreadsheet 


10) add any wrinkles to 2020 taxes workpad.rtf




10 mins meditation DONE

send 2 emails (on a 10/10 if necessary) DONE

practice notes DONE

hang laundry DONE

practice POSTPONED





pay medical bill DONE 

45 mins off DONE

finish listening to coaching DONE


plot novel editing next steps 


20 minutes off and then refocus


10 mins puzzles and then break down EK reply

10 off and then look at last bill from thomas 

20 off and then small laundry load, open hips, practice 


10 mins puzzles and then 10 mins chapter 10



10 mins off then water, vitamins, food

did that. 10 more off and then 10 on lawyer email

did lawyer email 

wrote to LS and sent draft to LS

wrote and sent draft to CL



ok 20 off and then dishes



10 off and then next video 


ok 15 off and then 10 on unit 11 

10 mins off and then the next video 

10 mins off and then the next video

10 mins off then next quiz


20 minutes break and then unit 10 on a 10/10 



10 off and then 10 on footnote and reference 

      breakdown 1) look it up, 2) finalize footnote text, 3) add reference

footnote done. 10 off and then cook anecdote


food and then m strategies section 

breaking down m strategies section:

1) figure out how long it will be

2) figure out where it should go, how to adjust the structure

3) write it 


food done. now more time section 


more time and strategies done. now video. breaking it down:

1) figure out which video to link to DONE 

2) add sentences at the beginning DONE

3) add footnote or reference in feedback section DONE

4) look at apa7 for how to reference video DONE

5) add reference to reference section DONE

6) adjust all other references DONE


10 off and then i will figure out which video to link to. 

10-15 off and then i will add sentences

done yay 


breaking down virtual stuff:

1) identify all the components and what they are, exactly how to refer accurately to them (5-6)  DONE 

2) figure out all the places it needs to be mentioned (i think it's just one section and the 2 figures in that section) DONE

3) write the main paragraph. think about language for figure captions DONE


10-15 off and then virtual stuff 


into that. gonna eat some food now and then write the next section 


OK! 15 off and then:

1) two days DONE

2) learners DONE

3) Figure shenanigans DONE

4) polish editing DONE

5) convo with friend DONE


ok 15 off and then 10 on this email for my accountant. that is my commitment


accountant email done. 20 off and then practice.


practied, ate, now will rest and get to this paper in about an hour 


accepted all minor changes. printed out notes from meeting with co-author. 

next step: put all remaining changes in order of difficulty


okay it's time to polish edit this paper. 

6 of 24 body pages done

9 of 24 body pages done

13 of 24 body pages done

10 off 

all 33 pages done. 

need to do one more readthrough and write about figures 


OKAY. i need to break down sending this stuff to my accountant, which basically means i need to do my tax recordkeeping. 


ok i have a 14 step breakdown. i think i want to eat and then do it. 


ok i want to do my brunch dishes now, take like 15-20 minutes to rest and then break down Figure 6B


20 off and then step 1) of Figure 6B breakdown 


all done. OFF UNTIL 4PM. 


ok intense class. did the dinner dishes. i feel i have enough energy to do these figure titles and captions. i think i want to do them on a 10/10. 15 off and then 10 on Figure 4.


for sure overstimulated from having done a first-pass edit of the whole paper. i want to try to relax for an hour and then go to bed. 


17 of 25 total sections done

want to do 2 more in the next 45 minutes. 

breaking down section 18:

1) resistance DONE

2) justification DONE

3) persuasion DONE

4) exception DONE

18 of 25 total sections done


next section now 

19 of 25 total sections done

hip opening now go. 


20 of 25 sections done

21 of 25 sections done 

22 of 25 sections done 


15 minutes meditation and then feedback section 


in the middle of a breakdown for the feedback section. food break now. 


laptop cleanup DONE

think about ingrds slide and create it DONE

1 section written. 



refer to 3 separate documents for material that should go in the next section DONE



-make a decision about about how to summarize the substantive steps (they are in the step 2 slide) DONE. SUMMARIZED THEM. 


now i want to make 5 figure panels after a break, maybe lunch 

-how rg presents the substantive steps to students (figure 3) DONE 

-make the step 5 figure (figure 4) DONE 

-make the step 6 figure (figure 5) DONE EXCEPT TITLE AND CAPTION 

-make step 7 figure panel A (figure 6A) DONE EXCEPT TITLE AND CAPTION

-make step 7 figure panel B (figure 6B) 

-make motivation cycle figure (figure 7) DONE EXCEPT TITLE AND CAPTION 

28 July 2020

10 minutes off, then hip-opening meditation and pilates. 

ok ended up journaling. now hips and pilates. 

will drink water, eat+have vitamins, then have a little break, and then practice