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PA Web Site - present and future

This Web site is running on Drupal 6, which is no longer supported but still works fine. It's what we've been using in the drup6 subdomain (chatbox only) since the original site broke. I have spent a sickening number of hours trying to update the original site, with all its content, to Drupal 7. It was hosted in Drupal 5, and I did manage to update from Drupal 5 to 6 and get everything working again (what you see here), but Drupal 7 was a bridge too far. The update script didn't work properly. There were dozens of bug reports describing the exact problems I had, and no answers from anyone at Drupal. I then tried the Migrate D2D module. The UI migrated only part of the content - no forum content, no polls, and no menus. Again, no responses on Drupal to the many bug reports that were exactly like mine. I spent a solid week trying to figure out how to code it manually, but there is virtually no documentation.

Drupal is poorly documented so that consultants can charge $40k or more to build Web sites for their Fortune 500 customers. We can't pay that, and I have work of my own. I'm not interested in making a career of studying Drupal. So we will use this site for as long as our Web host supports the version of PHP it requires (I'm told there are no foreseeable plans to retire it), and when I get the notification, I will move everything to Wordpress and say GOOD RIDDANCE to Drupal.

That said, we've got a working Web site with all our historical content now. So yay!

Thank you

What an inspiring surprise to start my working day with! Thank you so much, pro, for all the work you have put into this! It's great to have the full website back, with all its contents. Thanks a lot!

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Love The New Look

Pro, I really love the look of the new forum. All the tropical colors are very inspiring! I keep visiting the site just to enjoy the sunny look of things. LOL! 

new site is mobile-friendly!!

Forgot to mention... This site is mobile-friendly now. You can view it on your phone without going blind. smile

yay!! glad to hear it!!

Yay!! So glad you like it!

Weirdly, if you refresh the page, you get a different color scheme. I tried to select just one, but it changes all the time. lol