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graphics you can use in forum posts

I uploaded a bunch of graphics that you can use in forum posts. I may add to the available images over time. The link to the page is in the "Site Content" box on the left under the "Forums" item. Or click here:

Graphics You Can Use in Forum Posts<--These graphics don't exist anymore - see comments below for sources of graphics, or just do a search.

The program I wrote displays all the images and will tell you the path and filename when you hover the mouse over the image (the string to put inside the quotes in the image tag). You have to write the image tag in the message yourself.

Do not use the images hosted on this site anywhere but on this site. This is not a public hosting server. If people start doing this, I will not be able to afford the additional bandwidth charges and I'll take down the images. I'm paying for this site from my own pocket ("Contributions" button is planned!).

More images

These ones you don't have to upload - just copy and paste the code:

For these ones you'll need Photobucket, ImageShack or your own space. When you see an image you want, you save it to your computer (I right click and save things in a 'gifs' folder in My Pictures), then I go to Photobucket, and upload image (you can select multiple images). After I've done that first time, I just go to Photobucket in future, and copy the code (for this board it's the code with the angled brackets) and paste it into my post. You can see what it looks like on the preview. You can upload photos too. You can also re-size and you can do thumbnails (I've forgotten how now, but it's pretty easy). This is where I get most of my text strings, such as my signature Glittery text - this is one that is free to use but they include their name in the image, like this:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

(I ~need~ an Anticrastination Day after all this playing about with graphics, LOL!) (not in English, but straightforward)
Birthday graphics

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

holy cow - what a list!!

Normy!! You are the Graphics QUEEN!! I can't get over this list. Thanks for posting it.

Haven't tried them all

But they've all been recommended to me by people who have used them. (I try not to do it too much - I guess you know why ;) )

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Ooh! More toys! Thanks pro :)

Here's the address of one of the places where we can go to get additional gifs. You'll need a public hosting service (I use photobucket which is free).

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

public hosting service

I'm just uploading the images to the PA Web site. As long as people only use them for forum posts here, I can afford the bandwidth. Just don't point to PA images from other sites!!

Thanks for the URL. I'm almost scared to look. I imagine that the next time I look at the clock, 5 hours will have passed.