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test for adding graphics

adam - graphics

The problem above is that the tag isn't closed. Also, I suspect you typed this in the rich text box. It would have worked (if you'd closed the tag) if you clicked the "disable rich-text" link below the dialog to the left.

But if you are in the rich-text edit box, there's an easier way. Click the icon with the picture of the tree (that's the graphics icon), then put the path to the picture in the dialog box:

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

adam zep/ new test for adding grahics

i tried again (went to my account disabled tiny mce and copied pasted and closed the tag ... hope it will works this time ...
if not i will try next time

thanks for your advise & help pro
and have a god night ( for me its already the day its 7.20 am here ( 6th day on early riser trial after up to now its ok... but ill wait until the 30th day to confirm if this methods can work for being an early riser...