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Tuesday October 15, 2013


Tool Nine of PA--Develop Routines

To help structure your day and make a habit of things you always need to do, develop routines for what you do when you wake up, regular tasks of your workday, and what you need to do before going to bed.

Have a great day!


Laughing Smile Laughing Smile


hjf2bme check in 10/15/13

Ah, yes! The value of dating checkins: Seeing when the last time you checked in was!  It's been quite awhile for me! So busy with a new job that I am not making time for the healthy routines I set in place for myself!  So, here I am, ready or not, to create a little routine for myself, just for tonight...

6:45 eat and read mail

7:00 unload and load dishwasher

7:15 declutter fridge

7:30 clean cat litter boxes

7:45 clean bathroom

8:00 shower

8:30 Laundry in

8:45 Hang Pants 

9:00 make outfit for tomorrow

9:15 get in bed and review day step 10!

Here I go... 

Well, not too bad... interesting what i didn't do...I nforgot, but i don't want to face the fact that I have to throw food away that I didn't take the time to eat, and sure could use the money to buy fresh food now!!  :o(

o well...

headache :o( dehydrated?  or forgot to take medication? hmmm?

so much more needs to be done but I sure can say that I had a good productive evening!!  Thank you PA for being here for me!! 


Lucky CI

Jewellery making/planning OR work on website :)

Rest :)

Investigate SSP :)

Update forum :)

(if time) email V :)

Get ready for bed :)

Planning time :)

Spiritual time :)

Send V energy

The ’3Ts’ aka ’Timed Task Tomorrow’ method - 3 questions before doing something online:
Is it Timed (set a timer)? Is it a Task? If it's a sudden impulse, can I act on it Tomorrow?

marcelor Tuesday CI

Get dressed

Turn on freedom for 60 minutes - only did 40 minutes because I couldn't pull myself away from the internet :-(

Do one pomo free writing/planning

One pomo of transcript to get started

Dentist appointment

Respond to R

Mollie's check-in

Finish laundry
Put away laundry
Make a delicious, healthy lunch
Call C to set up appt to see RB MM
Call H to set up appt to see DD; LM for ST
Call CC re: FL hearing
Email KS re: MW
Log hours
Do rounding
Do billing
Email EH
Work on OOD re: making more time for N
Call Helen
Call NM re: tomorrow
Respond to RD re: assent
Re: MM
Find m for l
Prepare not. of hear.
Draft cert of serv
Determine whether I have to serve all interested parties
Prepare envelopes
Print & stuff
Prep receipt
Call MR re: obj

Feeling super-anxious, & now working @ home where I can hear everything partner & son are saying as though they're in the same room with me (they're not & door is closed), & anxious b/c I have so much work to do TODAY & so much billing to do TODAY & the noise is distracting (but when I'm not so anxious & distractible, it's not distracting). The work has to be done here. Much of the billing could be done at Starbucks. The work needs to be done by 5pm so I can get the stuff in the mail. There isn't really more work that has to be done today than can be done today. Except if I don't get going on it. Must deal with one thing at a time rather than being freaked out about the list.

Wow! Just found free white (& pink & brown) noise software which almost totally blocks out sounds of family. Fabulous!

OK, feeling better. Still need to do the paperwork project.

Hooray! Completed what had to be done on paperwork project. Now I have the rest of the night for billing. And I'm going to need it. Will head out shortly for post office & Starbucks.

OK, now at Starbucks & time to start logging hours.

10.15.13 Babarino CI

Make list and prioritize, then come back.

10 items on list. feeling overwhelmed so just going to jump in, and then worry about priorities later just need to get moving.

Agnus CI & CO

This morning I had only 10 minutes of prayer, study and reflection, before my committed time to call my sponsor. I am so tempted to make excuses because it truly has been a stressful two days with J's health crises, including his bad fall yesterday in the shower.  But the real reason is that I kept ignoring the alarm clock and hitting snooze - 6 times...Obviously I have several bad habits, lol! 

Today I am pretty sure my HP has these things in mind for me to do:

  • Morning routine (thanks for the reminder, lennon) 
  • Take out chicken to thaw for dinner
  • Writing P proposal
  • 1030 Break - eat meta (this was late - forgot to set timer, ate at 11:30)
  • Writing
  • 12:15 Break for Lunch - salad, veg, cottage cheese
  • Jot notes for S Team meeting on proposal status, timetables
  • 1:00 Shower and dress well for meetings at office
  • 1:30 pack gear and leave for office
  • 2:10 log in at office, print vendor proposal for PN review/sig
  • Print 10 copies of proposal status/timetables
  • estimate P budget
  • 2:40 be in Board room 
  • 2:45 S Team meeting
  • Get PN sig on vendor proposal 
  • Call vendor to activate 
  • 4:00 pack for working at home
  • 4:10 leave for CC grand opening
  • 5:30 head home
  • Dinner - squash, rice, chicken
  • 715 pick up C
  • 730 AA meeting
  • 9 visit with J
  • 945 prep for tomorrow
  • 10 bed
add to list for tomorrow: straighten out my paypal account so I can make donations to PA
Checkout: thank you, God, for a reasonably productive day in which I did not practice compulsive procrastination! My times were overly ambitious, so I was much later than planned on most things - but they got done. Yay!

"My boundaries enclose a pleasant land." Psalm 16

Rexroth Check In 09.17

Woke in night unwell and found it difficult to get back to sleep. Now up and exhausted so will do the essential tasks first today.

x Up prayer reflection
x Check emails and posts
x Out to see new flat to check some info on the ground - I don't want to be bothered - out and back I am waiting until I have some more information from an electrician before emailing solicitor
x Buy some tea on the way back - I am going to drink the tea I have which I am not that fond of before it goes bad
x Go back to bed and rest
x Clean up, wash up sort out bits in flat left from yesterday - but still more to do
x Deal with mail if any comes - it did and I dealt with it
Deal with any emails through day
x Write journal
x Prayer and refelection
Bed and sleep

and I have plenty more of important, not urgent, things to do if I feel a bit better.

Update 11.36 - above x done and I am so tried I am going back to bed - this is not procrastination

Update 22.44 - in the early afternoon I had an email from my solicitor about the flat I am buying, there were six attachments with lots of information. I have spend hours working through them and have emailed solcitor back. This is progress for me as in the past I would have laid it aside for a week or so worrying about producing a perfect reply. Anyway it is off and I am so excited and tired that I can't sleep and I feel that everything else is a mess and it does not matter.

Peace Rexroth

katia CI Tuesday

-cover letter typing (+COFFEE!) Missed the exam :(
-AME 262
-Advisor meeting
-more cover letters (+ lunch)
-OPT 242
-WRT 273
-AME 233
-pick up small one

Unfortunately, there is a LOT going on tomorrow, so not much extra stuff
-Finish 1 part of Opt 242 HW
-Get 4 problems on MTH hw 5 done
-respond to private messages
-something fun with Connor
-two more programming videos
-possibly one chunk of AME textbook


Thank you Lennon for this great reminder of tool nine! Routine is so importantfor me to get the basis done so I can get on with other work. Thanks again lennon!Cool

  • readings
  • book train ticket v
  • diary
  • rubbish out
  • edit hardcopy(4 pomos) (1,2,3,4)
  • tidy
  • fs
  • put in edits(2 pomos) (1,2,3) 
  • find the missing ref for table(2 pomos (1,2)
  • edit table two to include other data1 pomo (1)
  • rest
  • s/h
  • check all references(4 pomos)(1,2,3,4)
  • check off bibloiographhy again 2 pomos(1,2)
  • rst 
  • email prepare for N
  • rest
  • final edit on computer (3 pomos)
  • decide name
  • make appt bt
  • get number physio
  • call v re visit from k
  • text L welcome home
  • send card L
  • reply email N
  • reply am
  • write in journal
  • groceries
  • call a
  • print train ticket
  • print dom report
  • research ts
  • write letter hosp
  • write letter si file
  • call dee evening
  • dinner
  • rehab excercises
  • ms
  • HIO
  • rest

Findingaway CI

Chat box still not working, or at least not for me :(

I am going to do some bursts and record them here instead. Plan to do 2 x 15 then 5 mins outside and 10 mins learning about new website, as reward. As soon as I post this I will start the timer.

1. 15 mins - done

2. 15 mins - done

Also took time out to deal with phone call. Now updating my time log.

Spent nearly an hour dealing with insurance claim that had to be done, next 10 mins on website, then shopping and lunch.

Mole's check in

Thank you Lennon, that's so true. I am trying to self-talk myself into a routine by giving myself little 'presents'of time especially for a particular task.

7 tidy for T


7.30 cafe withnG C and B 

send apology to,L 

8.30-9.30 house tasks

9.30 -12.30 work on writing with poms - first pom planning

eat healthy lunch 

find images of eagles and flying chickens

1.30 - 2.45 prov with project 

3 Drs appt

work on next stage of EU

Email A or write to Z if arm is up to it

pay mowing and insurance

eat healthy meal

prep for S

respond to CC 


check in

BED BY  11 







My Day Today

I want to thank my Higher Power for this program, this website, the telephone meeting, and my life.

Things I will do today

1. Go to the 5:45 a.m. telephone ACA meeting

2. Go to the 6:45 a.m. telephone OA meeting

3. Go to the 7 a.m. telephone DA meeting

4. Cook and eat breakfast

5. Go to the 8:30 a.m. telephone UA meeting

6. Go to the 9 a.m. telephone ACA meeting

7. Go to the 9:45 a.m. telephone UA meeting

8. Go to the 11 a.m. telephone PA meeting

9. Go to the 12 noon telephone CLA meeting

10. Go to the 1 p.m. telephone CLA activity line

11. Go to the 1:45 p.m. telephone UA meeting

12. Go to the 3 p.m. telephone DA meeting

13. Warm up and eat dinner

14. Call Al-Anon member

15. Go to the 6 p.m. telephone OA meeting

16. Go to the 8:30 p.m. telephone ACA meeting

17. Go to the 9 p.m. online EA meerting

Thanks for letting me share