Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wednesday 21st August 2013

Marcelor Wednesday CI

What is working so far: morning routine, refraining from compulsive internet surfing 

This morning I want to get a few things out of the way:

call Y  

email re road  

email re chimney
 these things take a bit of time but you just have to do it

call K
 that was easy!

Then make progress on the interviews, in pomos 

riddled's Wednesday ToDos

  • productive workday
  • dishes
  • more filing

for today

Thanks everyone for the thread and for the fellowship.

Is there possibly anyone in South Africa who would like to start a phone meeting?

Today is my third day putting my plan down, so far I've done o.k sticking to my plans. 

Not too many things to do today



  • intro chapters to M report
  • contact John and Peter
  • D's presentation
  • Contact Lina
  • Skype meeting
  • 1 hour of portuguese



  • readings
  • tidy
  • floors
  • pick up printing
  • buy p a
  • post ietters
  • meeting
  • journal
  • health store
  • notes into ad (3 hours)
  • bag
  • accounts
  • laundry
  • put in t r 
  • p r
  • c r
  • r r
  • check b
  • refs
  • write letter for meeting w c tomorow
  • journal
  • call a
  • call l
  • s writing (30 mins)
  • decide friday
  • dinner
  • rehab excercises
  • HIO

jays wednesday 21 august

people say motivation won't last. neither does bathing, that's why we recommend it daily

zig ziglar

eat Smile

wash up

put out rubbish

spend 3x 10 min NOTES to bring/ decide what to do

bring letter

pack parcel

post parcel

8.30 brush teeth and groom

emil sol



tidying ect


Hypatia's check-in

1.5 hours available for paperwork this afternoon - it seems miniscule compared with the vast pile of reports to be written.

  • prescriptions
  • shared care letters
  • in-tray
  • urgent report
  • clinic returns for March
  • meeting


Hypatia's check-in (Weds)

Oops previous one was the Tuesday one.  This is Wednesday.  My only appointment has just been cancelled so I've got to do paperwork today.


  • urgent report
  • SEN reports
  • break
  • referral letter 
  • dentists letter
  • Monday's reports

Oh dear - let myself get diverted for an hour arguning with It about why our electronic dictation software has suddenly become inaccessible

PS but it worked as they've discovered the network problem and everything's working again!


  • AH forms
  • catch-up one set of reports
  • finish clinic returns



Mole's check in

Thank you, jalla. Wise words for weary travellers

i'm still very behind - I drag my to do list behind me like a ball on a chain. I seem to alternate between rushing to appointments and slumping in a heap- and the stuff I procrastinate about piles up.

 7.30 cafe gentle review fortnight

9-12 write with poms. Pom breaks.. Make tea, get bins, take compost out 

eat healthy meal

wash up 

parcel to PO 

walk to town via M (check whether she'll be there . If no go do it Sat)

3appt with S

4.30 walk w C ?


Sit an think about what to do next. How to organise. Can I afford to have Thurs off? What do I urgently need to do tonight if I do?



My Day Today

I want to thank my Higher Power for this program, this website, the telephone and online meetings, and my life.

I want to thank jalla for starting this trend.

Things I will do today

1. Go to the 5:45 a.m. telephone ACA meeting

2. Go to the 6:45 a.m. telephone OA meeting

3. Go to the 7 a.m. telephone DA meeting

4. Take shower

5. Go to the 8:30 a.m. telephone UA meeting

6. Go to the 9:45 a.m. telephone CLA activity line

7. Cook and eat breakfast

8. Go to the 11 a.m. telephone PA meeting

9. Prayer and meditation morning and evening

10. Go to the 12 noon telephone Al-Anon meeting

11. Cook and eat lunch

12. Go to the 3 p.m. telephone CLA meeting

13. Fix dinner

14. Wash dishes

15. Go to work at 5:30 p.m.

16. Go to the 9 p.m. telephone OA meeting

Thanks for letting me share