Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wednesday 22nd May 2013

It is never too late to be what you might have been.

George Eliot 

Hamlet's checkin

day 5

1. chores not completed yesterday -- utility bill, rachel, lynn street

2. FoY exercise


4. August presentation f/u

5. start planting/move top soil

6. qigong

7. start gardening blog

kromer 10:50 CI

Feeling SUPER un-motivated/bored, but I will work anyhow

I will start by:
Finishing organization
R8, S8 plan
Ask about MC and tT animals

OK, above tasks are almost done, just waiting for some input from others. While I'm waiting on that, I will
*Email G
*Microburst proposal

KF Checkin Weds 22nd 10:45am

Today I have already:
  • Had breakfast
  • Had a shower
  • done a strength workout
Today I will:
  • put washing on
  • put washing in dryer
  • do work for P 4 poms at least done 2/4
  • do W work
  • call blood people for appt
  • write letter for solicitor
  • Write W letter
  • email/text lavender people
  • review and send assignment
In breaks:
  • playlist songs

clement ci - day 193 attempting abstinence, 113 from self

Abstinence from unplanned time.

  • The one thing, the only thing, i can do impulsively is write something on my todo list.
  • The one thing, the only thing, i can do off plan is recovery, something to maintain my sobriety, when tempted. I have come to believe that it is more important to maintain sobriety than to get things done.

Abstinence from relying on self. AA Big Book says to rely on God. Quoted in my bookmarks : scroll down to "AA Big Book on fears : relying on God not self-reliance:"

:) ci
:) start Instant Boss
:) v task
:) time log
:) quiet time
:) r task
:) s task
:) t task
:) 11am pa phone mtg
:) take cards 2sch
:) sort tasks
:) *capture all * tasks here
:) j task
prj task, skip
:) 12pm 1pm mtg
brk: zen neg
brk: OK rwcs pare down
brk: CWS emergency kids
brk: put all assundry firefox tabs in rtm brk todos
brk: pool - 30min
brk: * renew mbbc - 30min
brk: *record 7:20 fri night - 15 min
brk: new outgoing busi msg
brk: iphone apps
brk: *kal - 1 hour, fri
brk: * busi form added 5/14/2013 - 20min, fri
:) *** lc got thru notes and capture
:) ** lc get descript
*lc sign form
lc read man
**client bos - recom
h wrk - recommendation - continue - 4hrs
*pud raid - 4 hrs
g wrk - 4hrs
pud av i - 5 hours
pud disk - rtn shipping problem - 30 min
pud disk - rtn installed - 30 min
pud disk install - bill4 when done, thu, after cking all ok - 15 min

*tx - 4hrs
*nativ - 20 min
pu wrk - iDev - 2hrs
bill client ku wed
kuf wrk - recontact - 15 min
later: ht task
put away clothes
:-( reflection
:-( pre-plan tmrw

9:10am :
It's been about 13hrs since i last got distracted (about 8pm 5/21 extremely distractible, includes 8hrs sleep).
It's been 1days 23hrs 34min since i last went on an off-plan bender >15min (19min 9:14-9:36pm (3min phone ckin) 5/20 ffs forum; abs his: 4days,3min,1day,6hrs old,new)
It's been 5days 06hrs 53min since i last went on an off-plan bender >1hr (2hrs 1min, 12:16-2:17am 5/17 qtweb; abs his: 13,1,1,5 old-new)
It's been 5days 06hrs 53min since i last went on an off-plan bender >2hrs (2hrs 1min, 12:16-2:17am 5/17 qtweb; abs his: 5,14,8 )
It's been 13days 07hrs 26min since i last went on an off-plan bender >3hrs (3hrs 14min, 11:30pm-02:44am 5/8-9 raid work binge, abs his: 25,14).
It's been 57 days since i last went on an off-plan bender >4hrs (6hrs on 3/25).
It's been >57 days since i last went on an off-plan bender >6hrs (6hrs on 3/25).
It's been 193 days since i last went on an off-plan bender >1day
It's been ~293 days since i last went on an off-plan bender >1week
It's been 33days 14hrs 17min since i last relied on self. (abs his: 14)

9:19am : reflection on Day Counts : the most important one is relying on God not self. Relying on God is going to be the lynchpin, the foundation, on which everything else is based. And it will keep me in relationship with God which is a joy. And it ensures my afterlife in heaven.

11:09am next day : i completely fell apart last night. No, it's not complete. It was of a certain duration, and not longer which would have been worse. The failure was *bounded*. My remorse and self recrimination should be similarly bounded.


THINGS I AM GRATEFUL FOR (everything i "did well" comes from god, either thru gifts he's given me or the way he's transformed me)

That my mtg went well and i have a chance to teach. Thank you God for that opportunity. It is a good gift to me! :D

the touch of the master's hand:

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb


Early morning Wednesday

Thanks for the great reassuring starter Mole! Just what I needed to read today. have a good day everyone.

  • laundry
  • accounts
  • decide a
  • filing
  • get b for form
  • hair
  • 11
  • bday email v 
  • r out
  • floors
  • continue 11
  • get 12 ready
  • readings
  • HIO
  • pack rehab bag
  • pool
  • go to vs and see what needs to be done
  • decide photos
  • journal
  • call d,d,a
  • post form
  • dinners
  • 11
  • 12  
  • rehab excercises
  • HIO


Elvira's Wednesday

Thanks for starting, Mole


  • Financial advisors
  • Mum re visit
  • DOBs re lunch
  • tidy dining table
  • pick up papers from living room floor (sitting end)
  • put clothes in washing machine
  • CV
  • Mo's beadwork
  • Wanda's blocking
  • Trim felt


Mole's check in

7.30 cafe write to S 

9-11.45 write with poms. Pom breaks compost, wash up put away, note to A re washing

12 physio appt. 

healthy lunch

pc for E 

prov with Mem .. How to get this. Moving again?

4.30 walk with C 

eat healthy meal


check in

bed by 11


wrote to S 


Did too much research, not enough writing.  


my cat

walking though the darkening bush with C

relief when E strapped my ankle

red gum flowers and noisy birds..