Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

God Do You Care?

The more I think about things, the more I've come to the conclusion that I'm not procrastinating as much as I'm waiting and I procrastinate a lot. Compulsively. As I look back over the latter part of my life I see myself waiting for something. A sign - from God to show me He cares. That everything I've gone through wasn't for nothing.

When I procrastinated in my younger years it was for many different reasons: not having necessary resources; not having certain skills, time management being among them; being a perfectionist; and on & on. Now when I procrastinate there is one thought that overrides all others & permeates everything I do or, more like, everything I don't do. God do you care?

It seems that He doesn't. I feel like why should I even bother to attempt anything if it is just going to come to naught anyway. If God isn't even going to help me what hope is there? It seems I've felt this way for some time (though I'm not sure how long) and wasn't able to put my finger on just what that feeling was. I think it has been maybe a year give or take since I was able to articulate this hopeless feeling of nothing matters.

I try to convince myself that God does care. I try to claim His blessings. I've listened to all kinds of sermons pretty much every single day. Tried reading my Bible. Tried praying. Tried Christian counseling. Talked to Christian friends. Talked to a pastor. Continue to take part in an online Christian fellowship. I just don't know anymore.

That's what I really want. To know that God cares. That what I do matters. Then I feel I would actually do something - because it mattered and God cared and He would guide and help me.

questions of faith are so

questions of faith are so hard. it's sounds like you really tried to find answers, and made every effort to sort it out. i hope that you find some answers soon.

There's a beautiful book called Garden of Emunah, that talks about faith in God. It's written by a Jewish Rabbi, (i'm jewish), but it's read by all ppl of faith. It's based on jewish concepts, and the material is all based on jewish sages, but it's very down to earth, and applicable to us today. The concepts in that book is what sustains me. Honestly, without faith in God, i dont know how a person can go thru this life, with all the pain and suffering. without knowing that there's a God that has a plan, and that He knows that this is good for us, even when we can't, i seriously dont know how ppl go thru life like that, how they wake up each morning and continue to persevere in a world that they believe has no rhyme or reason. 

i hope for you, that you have some clarity on this issue, and find some comfort.


Hi SMT Thinking about you


Thinking about you and sending warm thoughts your way. I feel dorky writing that, but wanted to let you know. 


Hang in there Spazz Ma Tazz

God loves you, and we support you. You're in my prayers.

(spazz ma tazz)

I had a God that I was not sure cared, then I realized, God would care, because he would be greater than the one who didn't.

keep coming back

reaching out (for Spazz Ma Tazz)

Hello, friend.

My experience is that when I make a post reaching out, or make a phone call, or tell a friend what's going on with me, or even if I have a good cry ... all of those things can be a form of prayer ... in that my higherpower can sense it.

So this post you just made ... could be a prayer to whatever higherpower you'd like to contact.

In my experience, how my prayers are answered ... is that ... after I "put it out there" ... at some point, I am somehow "led" to encounter words from a friend, or see a sign posted on a wall, or come across an article in a newspaper ... that coincidentally speaks to my current issue.

I regard these seeming "coincidences" to demonstrate that "Higherpower speaks in mysterious ways".

These "communications" don't come on my schedule, and they're rarely in the way that I'd expect them, but they do come, eventually.  (I do understand about it being difficult to wait.)

I don't want to speak in platitudes.  I hear your stress.

Just wanted to share my experience.

And to say that you matter, just the way you are.

Blessings to you.

Thank-you Very Much Movingalong

Your words mean so much to me. I am encouraged and very touched by them. Thank-you for sharing and for taking the time to reach out. Blessings to you too.