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Tip for finding things after you put them away

Hi!  This is something I'm trying.  I resist putting things "away" in part because if I want them I won't know where they are.  So I've started an excel spreadsheet that I'm keeping on my desktop called "Whereisit." When I realize I'm resisting putting something away b/c I don't have an obvious place for it, I list it and its location in the spread sheet. I'm just starting this, so I don't know if it'll work long term, but here goes....

LizzieT,s spreadsheet

Sounds like a good plan Lizzie T - I have cluttered table tops and empty drawers! Papers are worst.   I did end up labelling some drawers in the kitchen - like:

things that tie and stick and clip

things that write or are written on

things that make light and power (adapters, matches, candles, cables)

etc - except that the etc has been a little  less well-defined.