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Just This Procrastinator's Observation

Could it be more than a coincidence that the words wait & weight are homophones? The more I think about it the less I feel it is my imagination.

Interesting observation, SMT

Spazz Ma Tazz, what a thought-provoking question...

Wait (remain inactive) and weight (overweight)
~ this is a very meaningful combo for me

Wait (serving someone else's needs) and weight (burdened or weighted down)
~ another creepy co-dependent combo for me

Wait (delay or postpone) and weight (not pulling my weight, not contributing enough)
~ a pointed reminder to me that endless pondering of how best to contribute to society does not contribute anything


Piqued, You Piqued My Curiosity

You definitely went deeper into my simple pondering than even I had allowed myself to. After seeing your comprehensive list of particularly stirring definitions I wanted to add one of my own. This caused me to double check the definition of weight that I wanted to include & look up additional meanings of wait so I would have a complete pair.

Wait:       to remain temporarily neglected or unrealized.
Weight:  the relative importance or authority accorded something; influence, consequence.
These are especially poignant to me.

Wait:       to delay going to bed: stay up.
Weight:  the quality or state of being ponderous. (I had to look ponderous up. It wasn't what I thought.)
These last two meanings seem to be obscure, but still significant I thought.


Just wow.

My eyes popped right open when I read your word connections. BOTH of those are dead on relevant for me. And the first one makes my throat feel tight, like some sort of emotion is trying to bubble up but I won't let it.

And what am I doing right this moment? Staying up too frickin' late, that's what. It's 1:34 AM my time, and I have made the questionable decision to still be at work, in the office. My thought processes right now might well be described as "dull and labored," yet another definition associated with ponderous (yes, I decided I'd better look it up too!).

Spazz Ma Tazz, you made me think, smile, and think some more this evening. What a treat!

So True Piqued

I feel the exact same way you do. I too am trying to suppress emotions at the thoughts these word associations may conjure up. My throat would probably tighten up too & I would start crying all over again for the umpteenth time today/tonight/this morning if I let it get that far. Like you, I'm also finding that last definition of wait is now definitely applying to me as I am dreading going to sleep.

You also made smile this very early morning. Earlier today I had not even felt like living, much less smiling. Thank-you for that, for sharing, & your wonderful compliments. I felt pretty worthless & pathetic today. It's nice to know I could be good for something.

And really it was you who first got me to thinking more deeply into these matters by bravely delving into the profound word connections that you yourself made. I only put two & to,o (wait/weight) together. You did the rest - or shall I say work, ;-).

Please don't stay up too late &/or do too much (or too little if you are procrastinating). And please be careful driving home; as I take it being "at work, in the office" means you do not work from home.

Sounds like we both dread going to sleep

Spazz Ma Tazz,

Thanks for the heads up about your reply on this chain. You are correct -- I work from an office outside of my home. Fortunately, it's only about a 10-minute drive during the hours that I tend to make the trip.

It's interesting that you dread going to sleep. I also find myself shying away from going to sleep, especially if I am feeling out of sorts (happy, anxious, angry, depressed, etc.). For some reason, I want to be in a good mood when I go to bed for the evening. You'd think that I'd want to go to bed to escape bad emotions, but that's only true during the daytime. In other words, napping can be an escapist activity for me, but going to bed at night somehow isn't. Strange.

So glad to hear that my word-play and curiousity made you smile. It sounds like we had a positive snowball effect of each one of us cheering up the other. I'm very sorry to hear that you've been going through such a rough time emotionally. While reading your other post (fixing brakes), I could feel how raw and crushing your emotions have been. I'm glad you've held on through another day. Emotional pain can be so harsh and isolating, even when others are trying to reach out and support you. You'll be in my thoughts as you navigate this swamp of feelings and fears and despair. From your other posts, it sounds like you are digging deep and pouring your whole self into getting through this time in your life. I admire the strength and courage you are finding within yourself, or perhaps you are creating them moment by moment... Either way, I wish only the best for you in the hours and weeks and months ahead.