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Can Mr. Rogers be my higher power?

I'm working through some issues in therapy with my very strict fundamentalist Christian upbringing, so the idea of a benevolent HP has been a bit difficult for me to latch on to (at least for now).

So I've landed on Mr. Rogers, and I think it's going to work for me (again, at least for now). Any other non-traditional HPs out there?

Here's to a great week!


Go Mr Rogers!

That's great.

A friend of mine's dad did the AA 12 steps and was told that /anything/ could be his HP, so he chose a lightbulb outside the meeting room. Unfortunately next time he came for a meeting it had gone out!! But Mr Rogers is Immortal and therefore a more reliable HP. 


to Eleanor

hahaha. That's a great story!

Yay to Mr. Rogers!

TR, I love this post! JUST last night I was at a meeting where someone brought up Mr. Rogers and I got so excited and thought, "Oh my god, what if there were a Mr. Rogers version of the 12 Steps? That would be so perfect for me!"

I think what resonates for me is that he was a character of love, tolerance, patience, and kindness. If those aren't virtues of a higher power of whomever's understanding, I don't know what are :)

Hurray for Fred Rogers! 

Thanks, Movingalong.

Thanks, Movingalong. Beautiful article and photo. That is, in fact, the quote that someone shared at the meeting I was at last night. 

Thank you, tabularasa and movingalong

Thanks so much, tabularasa, for sharing with us your HP, and thank you for posting that link, movingalong. What a wonderful article. I loved Mister Rogers so much as a child that at the close of the show, I would go up to the TV and kiss him.

I love this!

... that's all I have to say. :-D
Do what works for you!


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