Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

I come in peace

Well, well.  Thanks be to Pro I do believe I'm here at last! Hello all you lovely procrastinators! I've been mucking about the site for a week or so exploring and eavesdropping and am anxious to get to know all of you. But, as it's nearly 2AM , tomorrow.

So. It's tomorrow. 11/28/12, 9:31am. I've been clamoring to get into this site for a week or so (thanks again, pro), and now that I'm here I am overwhelmed. Don't kmow where to begin, don't want to get it wrong, already sure nobody likes me, feel like an idiot for saying that. And of course I'm fooling myself and feeding my another of my addictions by tapping away at a keyboard when I should be doing something productive, something with tangible results, something REAL for godsakes...

Don't want to start with a rending of garments or war stories. I'm here, so, I probably belong here. People without serious procrastination issues can find better ways to waste time.

I have a couple of questions about site protocol:      should I log in and out every time I use the site? I entered for the first time at 2 this morning and realized I'd been logged in all night. I know there are some bandwidth(?) issues what with the influx of new folk but don't understand these things well enough to know how to deal with my end. And then there's "font size". I know everyone and his uncle from politicians to utility companies to, well, everyone,has been trumpeting my god-given constitutional right to choice but choices tend to trigger unease, panic, paralysis, and most often the decision to put off that agony somehow, anyhow, right now! (procrastination is the one thing I rarely put off). I suppose it would be good practice to work on this in such a safe setting...though I don't yet feel safe (but then, when do I ever?)...but the point of this question (I'd lost track so I'm sure you must've) is...   well. Now I've lost it.  I believe I wanted to ask what was standard or acceptable or preferred. Oh wait. Actually kinda sensible; I'm currently using the default size (8 pt) which is rather small on my end. But I don't want to appear to be shouting (heaven forbid!). So...if anyone can see what I'm asking, toss out an answer and I'll make it fit.


Welcome home, mustichoose

Just wanted to jump in with a little feedback...

You said "don't want to get it wrong, already sure nobody likes me, feel like an idiot for saying that." Hear's what I heard: "I'm conscientious, vulnerable, honest."

mustichoose, I don't know you but I can already tell that I like you quite a bit. In fact, after rereading your intro, I already like you more! Welcome to the PA community. We're glad that you found us.


@ Piqued

I like you too Mustachioed, I mean mustichoose. I also like Piqued for saying that better than i could :-)



Hi Mustichose,

Welcome to the site. In response to your first issue of what to do now that you're here, I'll relate my experience, strength and hope.

I began using the daily check in thread a couple weeks ago and it has been working well. I log on first thing in the morning, make a list of stuff I've already done, and stuff I would like to do. I cross off the things I have done (ie wake up, breakfast, clean, drive to work, etc) then I periodically cross things off as I go. It's really great to be keeping that list on that forum alongside fellow procrastinators.

Also, I have used the chatbox from time to time. Mostly just when I'm really tempted to blow off time, I check in there, read over the other posters (so I know I'm not alone) write a couple posts about how i'm struglling, how i'm going to take a quick pause, pray, and get back to a work burst.

Also, for me, an important thing to do is welcome newcomers, just like in an in-person 12-step meeting. Helping others is a vital component of the program for me.

I've only been on this forum for a couple weeks. It does take a little getting used to. I am still learning how to best use the site as a tool for myself, how to post, where to post, etc.

Oh yeah, I've been keeping a journal on and off in my introduction thread. 

Good luck and welcome again. Looking forward to hearing more from you.


@ Mustichose

Hello Mustichoose, my fellow-procrastinator,wellcome to where you belong.

BTW It was not till I was writing your name there that I realised that it was in fact mustichose, and not, as I had initially read "moustachioed q mark" which of course would be a mighty fine name too.

Thank you for asking the question about logging out. I had been wondering.

v best wishes, I hope this site will help you achieve your goals.


Hi Hooch

I was thinking of changing my name to something quick-n-easier, but, I gotta say, moustachioed q-mark is tempting. If there was a RicardoMontalban font I'd have no choice.


Thanks for the good thoughts. I wish the best for you as well. If this site can get me to a point where I can see my goals without panic it'll be a success. Though my hopes are higher than that...





hah I first read it as 'Mystic Moose'


Let your purpose rule your day - Steve Chandler

Mystic Moose


Another very fine name.



sorry for making you wait!

Quick reply to bump up your post so it doesn't get lost.

You don't need to log out of the site - I never log out of the site. Logging out of the chatbox is advisable FOR NOW (until I update the software in December), but only when you are going to sleep or going out for hours - when you're completely away from your computer. If you're just away for a little while you don't need to log off. The Chatbox puts a load on the server with a "keep alive" message. There's no server load in staying logged in anywhere else on the site.

It's fine to play around with fonts. I assume you won't make all your posts 20 points and all caps. :)

Sorry for making you wait - I'm very time-crunched right now.

- pro

say no more

...But only by way of apology. Thanks for seeing me here. Kinda lost for the first day on a new job. I know this will pass. post would be lost without a bump? That can't be good! And as for chat; I believe I'm logged in when I hit the tab at the top of the page. Do I need to do anything to logout other than heading to another spot onsite?

Today's been a bit of an anticlimactic fizzle...but, it's not over yet.


bumping and chat

See the "Active forum topics" on the right? There had been so many posts since you posted at 2am that your post had scrolled off that list by the time I looked. That's why I thought people wouldn't see it. And seems I was right because when I posted and it became visible again, lots of people saw it and responded.

I've been in the Chatbox for most of the day and evening - as usual. Come hang there. I think you'll like it. Ask questions and you'll get answers in real time. There are usually a lot of people there, unless it's a holiday or the middle of the night. But even in the middle of the night (for me) there are people because we have members Down Under. There are more people there during the week than on weekends. I'm there a lot. I talk to myself when it's only me. :P