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Site Registrations and Hurricane Sandy

I deeply apologize to the people waiting to get access to this site. I was having various problems for a while and unable to attend to the registrations, which is very time consuming. Then this weekend, when I finally planned to do it, there was Hurricane Sandy.

I'm in New York City - lower Manhattan - the part of the city that has no electricity and will not have any for 4 days or longer. I can't access my laptop with your email - battery is dead. I will try to bring my laptop uptown to someplace with power where I can charge it and access the internet. I'm connected through my phone now, but the battery does not last long.

power to the West Village is restored

The power came on at 4:30am. The boiler was still out, but I called the Super at 8am and he came right over and fixed that. Heat is not yet back to normal, but it's getting there. I have a ton of dishes to wash and refrigerator cleanup. I'll do the PA registrations shortly.

Looking forward to the first hot shower in days. Woo hoo!

Update: Electricity to lower Manhattan on Saturday

Electricity is expected to be restored to lower Manhattan on Saturday (please, please).

With the electricity goes the heat, and it's COLD in my apartment - 53 degrees and dropping. At least I have water. Many people in the black-out area have no water.

Rough times...

Thanks to everyone for your concern, and again, apologies to the people who are waiting.

take care pro. ms. x  

take care pro.

ms. x  

Thanks ...

... for thinking of us when you must have a lot of other things on your plate. I do hope all is well with you and you can get back to normal as soon as possible.

re: Site Registrations and Hurricane Sandy


Hi pro, good to hear from you and sorry for what you're going through up there. I have probably at least 15-20 family members in the NJ/NY metro area. Watching the news reports constantly. Hope you can get charged soon. Stay strong. Lavida

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RE: Site Registrations and Hurricane Sandy

Hope you're alright, pro. Stay safe. 

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