Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

please contribute towards the cost of this site

There is now (finally!) a Make a Contribution" page so you can so you can contribute to the cost of maintaining this site.

Contributions are through PayPal. To preserve privacy, the organization name is listed as "PA Web Services", and you can fill in the payment description yourself. If you're a forum member, it would be nice if you put your forum username in the description field so I know who I'm thanking, but you don't have to if you don't want.

It's a 12-step fellowship tradition that members share the costs. Please give what you can, and thanks in advance.

I paid our annual Web hosting fee today

I paid our annual Web hosting fee today. Many thanks to all who have contributed towards the support of this Web site.


donation made today

hey pro- made a donation today- hope it got through. thanks very much for all the work you do in regards to this site and for all the service you do to keep it ticking alonmg. We really appreciate it- thanks again

thanks very much for donation!

I am deeply appreciative of all donations. Thanks very much!!

- pro

Well, we're deeply

Well, we're deeply appreciative of the site and all you do for us! :)

fee for site's domain registration due

The fee for this site's domain registration is due in December. Please contribute towards the cost of maintaining this Web site.

Thank you.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

monthly contributions to the site

A forum member emailed me to request that I put a monthly contribution option on the site, which I've now done. The costs of maintaining this site are ongoing, so if you make a monthly contribution - even as small as $5/month - it would be very helpful. To make a contribution, click here.


Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

hosting fee for this site is due

I just got a message from the hosting service that hosts this Web site that the fee is due.

If you haven't made a contribution to this site in the last year, please contribute now.

I'm in no position to donate money for public service - I'm as broke as broke can be. Also, it's written in the 7th tradition of 12-step fellowships like this one that we are self-supporting through our own contributions. Everyone should share the cost - it shouldn't be borne by one person (in this case, me).

Thanks in advance for your help.

Have not forgotten

Had no funds when I left but when I return I will have a few dollars and will set up a pay pal to make a contribution. Because the contribution this site has made to my life is enormous.

Thank you in advance for your patience

costs for this Web site

I thought I'd clarify how the costs for this site are billed... I launched this site in December 2005. At that time, I paid to register the domain names ( and for two years, plus one year of hosting. I paid that out of my own pocket, and then after I put up the Contributions button, some people contributed towards this cost in the last year.

The bill I just received is from the hosting company. (The domain names are paid through December 2007.) I pay the hosting fee for an entire year at once, versus monthly, because it's cheaper that way. That's why a chunk of money is due now.

Thank you to the people who have already sent contributions. I'm glad people value this site enough to share the cost of it.

Thank you Pro!

I set it up to pay a little every month a couple of months ago. I'm assuming you're getting it because I get an email message from PayPal. Thanks for all the hard work you do on this website. It is much appreciated!!

thank you!

I usually say thanks when people contribute. Sorry! It's very much appreciated!

Confession: I'm behind on my email. (Me, behind on something?! :O )

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

7th Tradition

I sent something last night. Hope you received it.

contributions to support the site

Yes, I did receive a contribution last night. Was that you? I wish people who are forum members would put their usernames in the description area so I know who I'm thanking!

Thanks for helping to support the site. :)

will do

i get paid tomorrow.

much appreciated!

Thanks. Help in covering the costs of this site is needed and appreciated!

contributions can be made with privacy now

I changed the name of the organization in PayPal from "Procrastinators Anonymous" to "PA Web Services", and you can now fill in the payment description yourself.

Contributions button

At long last I've added a way to contribute to the site and help me cover the costs. There's a link in the first message in this thread, a link and button on the front page, and I'll add a link to the menu bar on the left (top box).


What is the preferred currency please? It would be cheaper for the conversion to be done at my end.


In the end, it comes to me as US dollars. How much you want to give us up to you. Any amount is appreciated.

What country are you in?


Thanks pro,

I'm in the UK.

The reason I asked is that if I send you money via Visa debit card through my account the conversion is cheaper if it is done at my end. Thus I needed to know which currency you needed.

I think that's clear and I hope it's right.

Regards Rexroth


It's perfectly clear and I was completly wrong as conversion is done by Paypal. I think I understand now. Hope you have the contribution.

In gratitude Rexroth

I got it...

...and I thank you very much!! :)


I was going to ask you about that - I just let PayPal do it for me, and thought you'd found something more economical then!

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