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Wednesday, 26th September 2012

Courage doesn't always roar.

Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying:

"I will try again tomorrow". 

Mary Anne Redmacher (spied on a posting from Wolke - thank you dear Cloud) 

Vic 9/26/12

I am getting confused/irritated having different days posted at the same time. Is there a time zone we are following? why are we doing this?

Show up (done), cal, exer

Gratitude can turn a negative into a positive. Find a way to
be thankful for your troubles, and they can become
your blessings.

(time zones)

Don't mean to offend anyone, sorry if I did, I, of course realize that Australia,etc. are different time zones, my boys lived a time zone in Russia, 15 hr different, so that is not a problem.

Could we coperate and clarify what time zone the starter is in?

My "showing up" has been my "recovery ritual" in PA for the past 3 years, if I "show up" the wrong day, which I did yesterday, then try to click back and get days forward instead of previous day, it really throws me off, like going to a job, wrong day, time, place. Also, Lavida made a good point about having that "rushed" feeling. There must be a way that would work for everyone since this is a recent change. thanks for letting me share and again, sorry if I offended any time zone resident.


oops posted wrong place

poster's time zone information suggestion

As a new member, it's great to hear how others around the world have been able to use P.A. effectively over the long term in their recovery. It gives me genuine hope that I can get through the daily struggle and terrible lows that I'm currently encountering as I try to recover from my procrastination.

Following on from the above, I remember when I joined P.A. the following post on Anonymous usernames, and the benefits of keeping details of oneself anonymous. 

So may I suggest for those interested in the location and timezone of a poster starting a daily check-in thread, to click on the person's username in the post to view their profile and location? Note when clicking user profiles, it seems some prefer not to reveal their location, so would we have forbearance for those who prefer to keep this information anonymous?

With kind regards. 

re: poster's time zone information suggestion

Re: what Vic proposed ...

I think that Vic is saying she's not always clear what day it is when she first logs in for the day -- as procrastinators we are often vague about time. When there is the day-ahead thread prominently featured, plus a few other intro threads and discussion threads -- it seems like the prominent thread would naturally be the current day, which isn't always the case. (I'm referring to the list of "active forum topics" in upper right corner of the screen -- which is where many of the old-time members look first -- due to prior history of less activity on the site). For example, if you look at "active forum topics" and see Wednesday's thread, plus one intro, two discussion threads, and a couple of special project threads, you might assume that today is Wednesday in North America ... which might not be true. I think this happens now because we have very active forums due to the recent influx of many new members.

Very active forums is a HEALTHY development -- and we want to continue that. Sp what do we do?

Here is what I *think* Vic is suggesting: As soon as you start a check-in thread, do "add comment" and, even if you haven't got your plans for that day ready, yet, just post a comment saying "Hello I'm starting this thread on Wednesday in my timzone of (location) .... and I'm preparing this Thursday thread NOW ... because I want to have it already set up ... so that it's available for later on when I prepare my list for Thursday. I will post my check-in list later on when I'm ready". Or "Hello I'm starting this Wednesday thread at 10am Wednesday in my timezone located here ___ ." Or "Hello, I found this quote or image and I wanted to contribute to the process of starting a daily thread, so I'm starting this Wednesday thread a few days in advance -- on Monday in USA -- so that it will be available later in the week for the group -- I wanted to contribute and the other upcoming dates have already been started." Some comment along those lines.

I think that Vic is suggesting that seeing this type of notation as the first comment on the thread (the post that appears at bottom of page) ... would give her a reminder that this isn't necessarily today's thread in North America. Not sure, but I think that's the idea?

Oops, maybe I misunderstood!  Perhaps instead, Vic is simply suggesting that the person starting the thread say what region they live in, as a notation within the thread-starter?

I understand the concept but ... respectfully disagree.

I think that would create more confusion because .... threads get started sometimes two or three days in advance if people have an idea for a thread-starter. They are feeling creative and want to contribute but don't want to do it in a rush.  Threads also get started early if someone is wanting to post their schedule a day in advance.

A notation about how/why/when/location of starting would become OUTDATED later in the week when that is the correct thread  ... the notation might make it seem like the wrong day.

Also, it seems like an added burden for the person starting the thread. Starting a thread is often a meditative process and requires some initiative --- and as procrastinators, our initiative is in short supply -- so I think we need to make the process of thread-starting as easy as possible. Let's not overcomplicate this.  And as Jack points out, some members prefer not to disclose what region of the planet they live on.

Also, another thing to consider ... I know that, at one time, most of our members were from North America. .... However, with the recent large influx of new active members, our active membership is now much more distributed around the planet, as far as timezones are concerned. So there's no longer a rationale to regard any timezone/region as being the majority timezone/region.


Here is what I propose as an alternative:
Why not have the people starting the threads just do it the way they normally would, without worrying about all that?  Keep it simple.  The day-of-the-week, the date, and a simple greeting.  That's all.

My suggestion is for those of us members who are looking for an already-started thread to respond to:
We need to STOP looking at "active forum topics" in upper right corner of screen, to find today's thread in our own timezone.

We need to go here: The "Daily Check-ins" FORUM which is the INDEX of the daily threads.
To find that easily, just click on the forum button at the top center of your screen, and scroll down the menu until you see "Daily Check-ins", and click on that. It might be two more clicks for us, but it will keep things simpler for everyone.

(This "Daily Check-ins" forum is also where you go whenever you want to START a daily thread -- you can see if somebody else has already started a thread for the day -- and then, if not, you click on "start a new forum topic", to start a new group thread for a day.)

So whether you want to start the group daily thread, or if you want to reply to today's group daily thread, go to the Daily Check-ins Forum in the forums menu.

(moving along)

Thanks  Moving along, I like what you said about keeping it simple. Maybe other people don;t have a problem with this, so I can just as well "show up"in the chatbox. I keep my list on the calender, and the "showing up" is kind of like a kick start connection, like having a cyber sponsor, so that would make the most sense under the circumstances. I strive for consistency/maintenance of showing up,  doesn't matter where I do it, the rest will  into place.

"Blessed are the flexible, for they will never be bent out of shape."


Vic, I hope this will sort out for you as I will miss your 'showing up' in the daily forum and won't tend to see you in the chat box so much.

I like hearing how you are doing and appreciate the many inspiring quotes you share with us. 

Cheers movingalong

It is always nice to have problem solvers and mediators in a group of people.Cool

I appreciate your input. :)

re: different days posted at same time

I agree about this - it's making me feel kind of rushed, like can't we just focus on "one day at a time"? ... don't understand why this trend started either.

Time zones

Just a quick explanation about two days being on the go at once. I am in Australia which is 22 hours ahead of New York, which means we are on different days a lot of the time. If we stuck wit only having US time zones it would mean some of us wouldn't be able to check in at all and it seems really important to be able to start the day fresh!   I hope this makes sense.   Sometimes it feels to me as if we have 'run out of time' here while you still have oodles of it left!

have a good day - whichever one it is :D 

It illustrates the worldwide success of this site!

It's kind of amazing that people are working here on 2 different days due to time zones.

It's impressive.

I suggest people check what day it is in the right bottom corner of their computer (when windows) or on their phone/calender?

I try to focus only on the forum posts that are relevant to me. This way you should be able to pick the right day for you.

Thanks Mole for your posts, and personally it makes me kind of relieved that in the UK I have at least 10 hours to get to where you are... (Sorry for you though ;) )

Best wishes and thank you for the great quotes!

(almost) one day at a time ...

Yes, I'm in the U.K. so it's great to have the daily check-list in place when I get to this section of P.A.. Thanks Mole and those ahead of me timezone-wise for doing this.

In case when I get here I am the one to get to the forum first, then I'd be happy to start the thread for the day (though my thought for the day may be quite basic!). So apologies in advance if this distracts anyone behind us timezone-wise, please bear with us!

By the way I'd love to live in NYC or LA one day, so if I manage to stop procrastinating long enough I might be able to get myself together, put the necessary things into place, and get over there! 



Time zones

Just a quick explanation about two days being on the go at once. I am in Australia which is 22 hours ahead of New York, which means we are on different days a lot of the time. If we stuck wit only having US time zones it would mean some of us wouldn't be able to check in at all and it seems really important to be able to start the day fresh!   I hope this makes sense.   Sometimes it feels to me as if we have 'run out of time' here while you still have oodles of it left!

have a good day - whichever one it is :D 

Time zones

Just a quick explanation about two days being on the go at once. I am in Australia which is 22 hours ahead of New York, which means we are on different days a lot of the time. If we stuck wit only having US time zones it would mean some of us wouldn't be able to check in at all and it seems really important to be able to start the day fresh!   I hope this makes sense.   Sometimes it feels to me as if we have 'run out of time' here while you still have oodles of it left!

have a good day - whichever one it is :D 


I have no idea why we got three messages there - Apologies :?


wrkinprogrss: 09/26/12

Wonderful starting quote--thanks, Mole and Wolke!

Yesterday, making a check-in post helped me to get somewhat more done than I think I would have without doing it. So, I'm doing it again.  

Here's my short list for today:

Made or am making progress start bookending and check-in here at P.A.
Done (or done enough)! make a pass through routine job email
Done (or done enough)! nudge V re Tue mtg outcomes

Done (or done enough)! submit timecard
Made or am making progress Made or am making progress Made or am making progress Made or am making progress Project R: read and take notes, smiley for each thread, aim for 8 today
Done (or done enough)! draft and send status report!

Made or am making progress try at least one thing related to Havi's techniques (thought re giving)

shower, tape hand, etc.
Made or am making progress take prescriptions and eat healthy foods

do a load of delicate laundry
do at least 5 minutes on tax prep project
dance through solo music

Made or am making progress do at least 10 minutes of kitchen work
Made or am making progress inventory Rx and supplements and note when to reorder next
shut down computer for the day by 22:32

Done (or done enough)! do 15 minutes of Qi Gong
Done (or done enough)! do Dr. P's exercises
be in bed with lights out and sound off by 23:32

Not on my list, but I'm glad I did them: 

Done (or done enough)! emailed neighbor re item she wants to borrow
Done (or done enough)! made appointment to see my MD

Good wishes to all, for wherever you need them!

tila - Wed

A busy day ahead. Plan for today: 

  • LG - d 3 (almost done, finish up in the morning-d5, esp. focus on CR and I/O (continue until no mistakes)
  • Prep DH's shirts, laundry (sort b, r), dinner, declutter 2 rooms
  • Play with DD (BOB, science)
  • Pay bills
  • Ra - pick up  

kromer 10:30 CI

Feeling overwhelmed, but I can do this. Today I need to:
*Make a presentation for GC mtg w/ Win18 synch data

*Update title, authors, and abstract for poster
*Add/update 3 images to poster
*Order new VAD food (will do this soon)
*Deposit check
*Get a haircut
*Reserve hotel room
*Call 3 food companies to ask for quote (made good progress on this, will finish soon)
*Clean bathroom

*Spend 30 min-1 hr working on online dating (msg one person, finish filling out eharmony profile, respond to any messages that look reasonable)
*Go to MU meeting

*Go to GC mtg
*Email some chemists (will do this soon)

*Buy plane tickets

Hypatia's check-in

it's 3.40pm and I've been busy all day so far.  Now people are chasing me for yet more reports!

  • LAC reports
  • N's report


InnerTruth's check-in

Here earlier than I've been in weeks!

Tasks for morning:

9:30 - 11 -  Edit 17 SR, 18 -SR, 19 - Support, 20 - Trans details
(finished in 15 minutes)

11 - 12 - Review package and send to AG & G
(it's not ready at 1:00 pm, need to take a short break and get back to it)  Yikes finished at 6;15 pm! Need to take a very long break and go for a run, get my cell phone fixed and buy milk for tomorrow.  

8 - 10 - (revised time) newsletter article

Send out CC email 

Call KW, email Pat and LK

Check email 

2 - 4 - eat and run, get phone fixed, buy milk

4 - 6 - HW article

15 minute break

6:15 - 8 - finish newsletter

Take meds @ 8 pm

8 - 11

Wash dishes

Read newspapers

Wash one sweater set

Clean kitchen floor

Tidy dining room table 





Thanks, Mole for the starter. I'll try to find that quiet voice today.

Slept in a little, but I needed it. Here's my day:

7:25-8:35 copyedit (with breaks for breakfast, starting laundry, helping W with the scanner)

8:35-9:00 get ready for work--bring computer and zipl.

9:00 commute

9:20-4:45 work (two breaks for lunch and e-mail)

4:45-5:30 go to bank, call T

5:30-7:00 copyedit

7-10 modified eve routine

Have a great day, everyone! 

Kodos--6:40 p.m. check-in

Ugh. Did really well all the way up to 4:45, but then...went downhill

It's 6:40--going to get back up on the horse, copyedits for an hour and then a truncated evening routine.

Here I go! 

Lavida Task List Wed. 9/26


  • Write (goal is 5 today)
  • UA 8:30am
  • find jobs to apply to
  • find gym
  • Do floor/chair exercises
  • Take supplements/Rx & other self-care
  • Read Bible devotional for today
  • Return Comcast
  • Assess job vision/goals
  • Decide on website host

Lavida CI Wed. 9/26

Thanks Mole, I really appreciate that quote. 

Today I'm asking God to help me forgive my family for abandoning me, letting me be homeless (which actually culminated in me sleeping in my car this morning for 5 hours). Help me to release my resentment about this ... "vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord" I'll leave it up to the Holy Spirit if he wants to "convict" them today on this Day of Atonement.

Lord forgive me for the bad choices I made, not applying for jobs. Help me resolve this inner conflict I have about jobs and my career. Help me be willing to work even if there's no job I really love, if for nothing but having a roof over my head and money to live. I'm the one who got myself into this mess, no matter how others are responding to it. But tell me how, God, I can resolve this conflict? That I hate being in a 9-5 office, but I am also incapable of the self-discipline needed for my own business ... help me, please!

Also help me God to understand if this relationship I'm in is ultimately going to be the right thing, considering the current situation. He truly believes he still loves me, but I can't help but doubt it because of this. I'm lost. Because I really did believe it was You who brought us together, for so many other reasons that are right aside from this.

God give me discernment, because I don't know what to do or where to go or who to be with. Am I on the right path? Is this just a temporary abyss, or should I skip town altogether ... and where would I go? With whom? Seems I have no choice but to stick it out with those currently in my life. 

Lord I ask for your mercy, grace, forgiveness for every mistake I made that got me here. Please give me right thinking and action. Do for me what I am still unable to do myself.

Thank you Lord, and because of what you did for me, I don't have to atone for my sins today because I already accepted you who have forgiven all my sins already. Amen. 



Ask and you shall receive

Lavida, You hav asked, and i am sure your prayer was heard and you will receive what you need to go on.  Have confidence that your life will come together in ways more wonderful than your experienced before.  There is grace all around us, ready for the taking.  Take it and be nurtured. 



Hang in there, Lavida; I'll keep you in my prayers.

Me too, lavida

me too


Dear  Lavida,

All strength to you through each minute of your day. 

ms wednesday

working out of the house today.


  • take notes and work at being attentive.
  • come home and write them up.
  • put calander on phone.  
  • eat healthfully regularly and with care. 

Maximo's check-in Wed 26 Sept 6.20 am

Thanks to Mole for starting this thread.

My list for today (mainly work)

1. CETI job
2. E. newsletter
3. Menu planning
4. Shopping
5. Meet B,B & M
6. Order knob for slow cooker
7. Order calendars
8. Ex bike - 20 mins
9. WW meeting
10. E-mail TW
11. FH project - 10 mins

Wishing all at PA a happy and proactive day



Hamlet's Checkin 1.

Hamlet's Checkin

1. Fountain of Youth Exercise

2. Mediatation

3. IRS Request

4. FS Tracker

5. Moldova

6. Earl's pants

7. cook vegetable

8. Straighten bed room

Amal's check-in

Thanks Mole for getting us started :)

Alarm set 8:30 am

Pro check-in

editing draft - i know what to do

call to make thursday appointment, or decide to just cancel


log calories (diet)

take walk 

Pro check-out 

EleanorBE's Wednesday list

Thanks Mole!

Here's what's happening on Wed (it's still Tues in London - really like writing the list the night before)

Go to work

Put up sign about changed o.h.

Invite friends for dinner on Nov 17th (email) - M and R, C and J, K and ?

Get new ink cartridge

Email J about setting up film for students Thurs eve

Make sure you have DVD for Thurs eve

Go and see M and make sure he can write support note for a; if he wants to talk about N point out he can do that at our meeting later

Look at S.Ab stuff for meeting with J

11 - meet with C

12 - meet with W

1 - o.h.: meet with J

2-4 in office for a.s. Read MaT texts 

Plan MaT

Get paper, pens etc for MaT

4.15 see M about pgc etc

LEAVE BY 5....well I managed to leave at 5.30

Go swimming- nope. Ended up in a panic about something I thought of on the train and came home to make an emergency work phone call instead! Disappointed I didn't swim but glad I made the call. 

Evening - do ONE HOUR on intro in 3 x 20 min bursts - 2 of writing, one of ref-searching
very pleased I did that, with help of Chat here. 

Salamander's check in - Weds 26 Sep '12

Thank you to Mole for starting the thread. I'd prefer people not to
offer comments here so that I can continue to edit the day as I go
through my list. But if anyone has constructive feedback or
encouragement to offer, please feel free to get in touch by private
message. Smile

  • Breakfast
  • Shower and dress
  • Email/Facebook

1000 GYM - NOPE


  • Clean microwave (15 mins)
  • Clean kitchen surfaces (30 mins)
  • Clean kitchen hob (5 mins) This took me 10 minutes!
  • Clean kitchen sink (5 mins) This took me 10 minutes too!
  • Sweep kitchen floor (5 mins)


  • Cat meds!
  • Find gym membership card
  • Washing in, out and put around
  • Post book out
  • Post application form

OK, today is completely screwed up, after a bad night and a consequential late start... Still, all is not yet lost. There are still jobs here I can start doing now that will be finished by the end of the day. <<< Pep talk to myself!

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." (Anais Nin)

My Day Today

I want to thank my Higher Power for this program, this website, the telephone and online meetings, and my life.

I want to thank Mole for starting this trend.

Things I will do today

1. Go to the 5:45 a.m. telephone ACA meeting

2. Take shower

3. Get dressed

4. Go to the 6:45 a.m. telephone OA meeting

5. Go to my psychiatrist appointment at 9 a.m.

6. Fill my perscription

7. Go to the 12 noon telephone ACA meeting

8. Go to the 1 p.m. telephone OA meeting

9. Cook and eat lunch

10. Fix my dinner

11. Go to the 3 p.m. telephone CLA meeting

12. Go to work at 5:30 p.m.

13. Eat dinner

14. Go to the remainder of the 9:30 p.m. telephone CLA meeting

Thanks for letting me share

Mole's check-in

Settling back...

7.30 cafe, review plan txt L

9-12.30 writing 25 min bursts with 5 min weeding breaks all done to this point

plan and shop for food not done

Eat healthy lunch done

cafe emails CC and HC done

wash up not done, nor was anything else on this list. Went to bed for 2 hours, reaction to yesterday or just plain procrastination? The last I think. I should at least see if I can get to bed before midnight.

tidy surfaces in living room 

continue with house plan


healthy meal 

10 min declutter


be in bed by 11 


Thursday 27 Sep

Vowing&taich Y

WkPln Y

DocUpdate&ProChkIn Y

Txt Nc Y

CallABnk Y

Running&Stretching Y

Aplctin N

Essay N