Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Thursday, 20 September 2012

P.A. Recovery Tool #7:
Avoid Perfectionism

tila - Thur

DD is sick again, hence is a super-late check-in. Got about 4 hrs of sleep today, the main goal is to go to bed before 10:30. 

Daily check in

This is my second check in only, but I am very proud of myself here is what I go accomplished for the day just by not procrastinating.

1. Made it to 3rd and final job interview

2. Signed up for state benefits since I was unemployed

 3. Cleaned my apartment

4. Did grocery shopping

5. Made it to second job interview for another company interested in me

6. Made payment arrangements with bill collectors on past due debts.

7.  Made call to IRS about back taxes

8. Notify creditors of identity theft issue

9. Cooked dinner


My day feels much more accomplished just by not procrastinating 


Innertruth's check-in

  1. Check email
  2. Call employer re schedule
  3. Call HW
  4. Call KW
  5. Complete BoT survey
  6. email SS again
  7. Read marketing magazine
  8. Consolidate work and come up with likely prospects
  9. Review 5 job sites for prospects


Jim - Check-in

For Today
- Course HW (one hour)
- Review my workshop (1/2 hour)
- Laundry
- Pack for weekend
- Pray / Affirm
- Stretch
- Meditate
- Step 8 (half hour)
- Soccer


/ Call friend re: Happy Birthday (15 min) ended at 12:04

/ Course Homework (1 hour) starting at 12:15

/ Start laundry start 1:03p 

Practice Meditation Workshop - 1:30p (15 min distracted by email and making a call-back instead at 1:45p)


9.20.12 CI Babarino

Finish bylaw changes

work more on declutter

15 minute declutter office

cost K

kromer 10:35 CI

Today I need to:
*Work on presentation
->Slides 1-3
->Slides 4-5
->Slides 6-7
->Quick run-through

->30 min work on revising in light of run-through(working on this now)

*Work on MU project
->Email NP about food (will do this soon)
->Call 4 catering companies about quotes (this will have to wait until tomorrow, but I'll get numbers tonight)
->Get CR ratings for tablets
->Decide on 3 options for tablet and note prices
->Email steering committee

->Email out notes from last meeting

*Work on results
->Spend an hour brainstorming how to end
->Type up my rough results outline
->Email DP and ask about mtg

Email Tim

Call to confirm car reservation (was too late for this)

Microburst plan

Pack(will do this soon)

Get directions 

Vic 9/20/12

Show up (done),calender, exer

Acceptance . When all else fails, lower my expectations. Grateful for pa.



Hypatia's check-in

Doing quite well at work, but procrastinating terribly on my exam revision in the evenings.  I keep falling asleep about 9pm (and it's not due to lack of sleep as I'm getting 10+ hours a night)


  • verification
  • catch-up reports (at least 1)
  • nhs e-mails
  • anything else that takes my fancy


  • sort washing
  • mow lawn (if not raining)
  • dinner
  • iron shirt for tomorrow
  • 1hr revision
  • relax


brd's Thursday check in

  1. schedule insurance audit
  2. 1 pomodoro's worth of amex audits

Kodos 7:00

Thanks for the photo, movingalong. It will stick with me through the day. 

All right, tomorrow starts a crazy 10-day period of work for me, so today, I'm going to focus on clearing my e-mail (except for the ones that induce the most guilt, which I'm saving for Saturday's "guilt party.")

So, here's the day:

7:05-7:45 e-mail DONE!

7:45-8 breakfast DONE!

8-8:40 e-mail DONE!

8:40-9:10 get ready for work/laundry DONE! /dishwasher/make lunch

9:10-5:30 commute, work and errands (TJ) + 30 min for lunch; 30 min. for more to-do list  

5:30-10:00 evening routine 


thursday i thought it was wednesday!

ok it's thursday the 20th september 2012

i've been away a few days and have day confusion

12.46 now

3x 45 min egg timer

1.15 unpack tidy organise, living room first to make most of light, hoover (45 min egg timer0

2.00 EAT & wash up as one continuous action

2.45 cancell subscription, organise finances, appointments

3.30 sort out bedroom room and not finish til hoover (45 min egg timer)

bath and wash hair

return phone calls, text's, facebook, delete emails

make dinner and wash up

bed by 10pm

2.30 update

living room done and hoovered si i'm sat here in my tidy living room where the floor is clear, love how much i can get done with the egg timer

bedroom next

then hallway

behind shedule havn't eaten yet, why do i put off eating, not sure if it's a time panic/indecision thing?

20.17 update

have cooked and eaten) very good

wash up

finish bedroom, hoover and put fresh sheets on

wash hair and have bath

new bedtime(had a nap) midnight

23.19 update

all done...except cancelling subscription

just bath then bed now

might make tomorrows list first

Yoh - Thursday 20/09

Started the day with sleeping too long, procrastination on the internet. 

Determined now to make the rest of the day, the best of the day!

- Re-enlisting @ university DONE
- Get a document to prove this WILL GET IN MAIL LATER
- Get university to fill in government doc DONE
- Clothes shopping DONE
- Return library books DONE

- Supermarket + cooking DONE
- Clean up random closet °2 DONE


Let's go and get this done!

Have a productive day everyone! DONE, SEE YOU TOMORROW!

My Day Today

I want to thank my Higher Power for this program, this website, the telephone and online meetings, and my life.

I want to thank movingalong for starting this trend.

Things I will do today

1. Go to the 5:45 a.m. telephone ACA meeting

2. Fix and eat breakfast

3. Go to the 7 a.m. telephone DA meeting

4. Test blood sugar twice

5. Take shower

6. Get dressed

7. Go to group therapy at 9 a.m.

8. Go to individual therapy at 10:15 a.m.

9. Go to the bus station and purchase monthly pass

10. Go to the 12 noon telephone ACA meeting

11. Prayer and meditation

12. Read the meditations

13. Read the DA readings

14. Read the EA reflection for today and if I have experience, strength, and hope, share.

15. Cook and eat lunch

16. Declutter some of the magazines

17. Go to the 6:45 p.m. telephone OA meeting

18. Go to the 8 p.m. telephone CLA meeting

19. Go to the 9 p.m. telephone OA meeting

20. Go to the 9 p.m. online EA meeting

21. Eat dinner

22. Wash dishes

23. Clear tables

Thanks for letting me share

Steppin ci

Get dressed :)
Breakfast :)
Be in studio, ready to practice :)

Practice choir score for 20 min.
Do some dishes
Tidy room for 10 min


Special task:
Not procrastinate with fun side project

'The best way to get something done is to begin.'

nearly there!edit from

nearly there!

  • edit from 7
  • call g at 9.30 
  • finish edit.
  • start export at 12.
  • get clothes for tomorrow
  • go to g
  •  contact a and make plan for tomrrow.
  • speak to R re tonight.
  • re do last bit for 1.5 hrs.
  • email sound file.


treat self with the kindness I, and everyone else, deserves in this last tough day.

Maximo's check-in Thu 20 Sept 7 am

Thanks to movingalong for starting this thread with a great image and thought for the day.

My list for today

1. Geo job Smile Done
2. FH project - 10 mins
3. Scanning - 10 mins
4. Exercise bike - 20 mins
5. Fuel bills review
6. Prep for RH meeting Smile Done
7. RH meeting
8. Aviva stuff
9. Parcel up defective pan
10. Parcel present for H.

Hope everyone here has a good day.

Jack's check-in for the day

Wow, great graphic above! And a fab thought for the day.

My check-in for today.  (I prefer not to receive replies so can can
keep editing and updating this list, but any kind thoughts, prayers or wishes
are  more than welcome.) 

1. work on SCP for > 8 hour in bursts - use Chatbox bursts to keep motivated & on track

 I worked for 6 hours, yay! 

being aware of Tool for Recovery #1 and the necessary planning and prep time

PA Tools for Recovery  

- read Adn 

- identify 15 beats

- punctuation

- new scenes 

2. reply MH & RUT

3. confirm RLT 

4. shopping for index cards tbc X don't need

5. lunch

6. continue SCP work

7. Email friends, social events 1/2

8. summary email to flatmates + emergency contacts

9. email ACE MLC & GRO 

10. email Critics & Tues friends

11. check glasses lost property HK  

12. run SCP opening past JH 

13. SHK meeting summary email  & SCP

14. dinner 

15. go for a run? tbc

16. room tidy 10 mins  

17. chill out time - 2 hours (including 6:30pm prog)

18.  Be aware of end of day bedtime procrastination before when I
should go turn in for the night, to push through my demand resistance at going
to sleep, and be in bed by midnight for a deserved night's rest. Affirm to
myself that I am worthy of good self care and repose.

stay up late / procrastinate bed

To try to defeat the belief that the chronic tiredness from lack of
sleep that I feel that is exacerbating my compulsive task avoidance and
lethargy is what I need to avoid unpleasant emotions and feelings of loneliness
that I am afraid might come up and  plague me. And have a week's good
sleep to aid my recovery from chronic undersleeping.

And to try to gently work through any unpleasant withdrawal symptoms
from any increased productivity today Thurs as I move to recovery from my
debilitating addiction to procrastination & compulsive task avoidance.



thank you moving along  for getting us started and the great graphic!- that is just what I needed to read! 
  • up early
  • readings 
  • breakfast
  • get ready
  • go to hospital for rehab
  • go to gym
  • ring b hosp and change appt 
  • Pool and rehab
  • go to appointment
  • possibly meet C
  • go to co-op
  • organise meds for the week
  • accounts
  • start organising br
  • rest up 
  • bed early

EleanorBE's Thursday List

Hi there all - and thanks Movingalong, great picture.

So, having thought I'd be able to plunge back into teaching and write in the evenings for the next few weeks...just haven't managed to do that Tues or Wed. So tomorrow I don't have to be in work til later and will do 2 hours writing before I go. Yes. 

- 2 hours writing before or after breakfast.
Yay! This went well.

- Send self training plan

- Write to say training room's ok

- photocopy essay for CD - aargh! Forgot to do this before end of day...

- post essay for CD...couldn't do this as didn't do point above! Will put them on Friday's list

- Photocopy training materials

- Finish training plan

- Respond to C's email re meeting (emails p.3)

- Write C's 'i.R.'

- Write to M re. C's money and T. theory

- M.A. Induc.

- Look at P's new app. draft and make time in diary for completing app. - no time for this

- Staff do.


Hm, not a great day today. Didn't feel I procrastinated but I did let other things get in the way, such as letting my manager consult with me about two problems for far too long. I was glad I could help but I should have told him I needed to get on! Then I also had to deal with some new students who should have been at some meetings yesterday but got lost...

Well, it all goes on tomorrow's list.


Thank you to movingalong

Thank you to movingalong for starting this thread! I would appreciate no comments made here so that I can edit the day's tasks as I go along - but feel free to send me positive thoughts, good vibrations and the like if you have any - always gratefully received. Smile

Starting at 1000:

  • Two interviews
  • Get petrol
  • Shop for cat chicken and lentils


  • Chase plumber re shower
  • Dust downstairs
  • Hoover downstairs
  • Facebook/Emails
  • Clean kitchen surfaces
  • Sweep kitchen floor
  • Admin - house insurance
  • Cook nutritious dinner (freeze balance)


  • Put away things in bedroom
  • Skincare



"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." (Anais Nin)

Amal's check-in

Thanks for the thread starter movingalong, and the great image, love it! We should all head to Good Enough st. today :)

Alarm set 8:30 am

Pro check-in

deal with replacement

edit draft

deal with registration letter (first step taken...hope it goes through!)

driving lesson

log calories (diet)

take walk

next day's list + Pro check-out

Mole check in

I am wallowing in the luxury of not being thread leader for today! Thank you Movingalong for finding us this great image.

My plan 

Txt LLTW re W and B 

7.30 cafe, review, planning and blue line & Maybe D

9-12.30 writing with pomodoro and freedom. Shape it up ready for handover tomorrow noon.

Oh dear oh dear, not doing too well so far. Feeling very sluggish having not managed to get to bed until the wee hours. No review or plan and found it difficult to define the tasks for pomodoro. I AM about to have a healthy lunch

12.30 healthy lunch

1 Fence man

2 forward emails G & Avg,

2.30 cafe CC  and above emails.

3.30 LLTW?

If not,  stay longer at TLC or clean up writing space so thatt it is welcoming tomorrow

Check re S and concussion

Delete 15 emails 

Wash up 

I really want to put some declutter tasks/ time in but am too scared.