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When motivation is a problem...

I talked about it in my own introduction post, but those get snowed under easily I noticed, so I wanted to share this with everyone.

For me, procrastination is partly because of a lack of motivation. Not that I do not like what I am doing (work, study,...) or something, but more that I can not find that little push inside to give me the energy.

In search of motivational and inspirational videos on youtube, I came along this video: 

And yes, this video is about 'success' and not 'procrastination' but it is a powerful speech nonetheless. Also important to keep in mind is that 'success' is only defined as to what you want in life. So in the end, what he says is applicable to many situations. The most interesting part actually started when I read more about this person and saw more of his videos. This guy grew up in poor conditions, getting kicked out of the house, out of school and so on. It took him a long time to get his degrees, but now he is doing his PhD and doing motivational talks for schools, universities, sports teams, bussinesses, ...So he has the story to back up his claims in his videos.

He also does a weekly motivational video on monday (TGIM- Thank God It's Monday) where he pumps you up and most of the time will give 3 principles to tackle your problems or to get to success in your life. And as I said, success is defined for yourself as ' to reach what you want out of life' and that can as well be 'dealing with procrastination' or even getting rid of it if that is possible. So his principles are most of the time useful for anyone in any kind of situation. 

You can find more of his videos through his youtube channel: If interested, I would definitely give his TGIM series (now at season 5) a chance! 

And don't forget to limit yourself to 1 or 2 videos a day or something:

(PS: one of my favorite videos which helped me a lot was )
(PS2: I am in no way affiliated or something! And sorry for my English sometimes, it is not my first language.) 



Awesome, thank you. I like what he says about what it takes is "heart" and that is what I find in PA(ers).


I really, really wanted to start an own forum thread titled "HabitRPG" in the "Home » Forums » Resources » Helpful Web Sites and Videos" section, but the forum is buggy and won't let me, and nothing on this site is going to be fixed any time soon. So I'm appending my article here as a comment because the thread title seemed to be the most fitting. In case the forum will ever become functional again, feel free to remove this first paragraph and shift the article to its own thread.


I started playing HabitRPG a few days ago and found it to be great. It's fun, fun, fun and very motivating for me. I've done more work during the few days since I joined it than in the three weeks before. I highly recommend it.

I'm being so enthusiastic about it that this may sound like advertising spam, but I've been a PA member here for several years, fighting my own procrastination and writing a few things in the forum (as you can easily check), so you know it's not. Besides, HabitRPG is free (though, as usual, there's an ad-free premium version which isn't).

If you want to help us defeat "The Dread Drag'on of Dilatory" by doing your usual tasks and chores, you're kindly invited to join! (Let's dishwash that dragon! Cool And we really need the extra help, it just burned down the tavern!)

If you're reading this weeks later, the dragon is probably gone and there's a new boss monster to be fought. Plus, there's lots of other quests and challenges and things to achieve, all simply by doing your own tasks at home/at work and checking them off on your to-do list in the game. (Can you say "gamification"? Smile) Plus, there's ways to communicate with other players: There's a general chat, there are guilds - many of them dedicated to productivity/procrastination/habit-building topics and problems, like the Clutter Busters, the ADHDers Guild, The Wordsmiths, The Health Nuts, etc. -, and you can band together in parties. (That's groups, not festivities, though those may happen, too...)

In case the link above doesn't work for you, the url is

Again, I highly recommend it. But, of course, that's just my own personal, highly subjective opinion. Whatever works best for you!