Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Seeking Accountability Partner


22, Male

I am a recent college graduate and an aspiring writer. I'm taking the summer off of work/school in a new environment in the hopes of getting my act together, job-hunting, and most importantly working on my novel. 

I am at my best behavior (procrastination-wise) when I am intellectually engaged and isolated from distractions with someone to hold me accountable.  I am an adept procrastinator, between television, videogames and staring at Facebook, and I'm looking to get a better handle on my life and my time.

The notion of a dedicated pen-pal system for keeping each other honest (and busy) sounds extremely appealing, and could do me a world of good. As an accountability partner, I'll do my best to help you triage your to-do list and hold you accountable for your own task management (I've always been better at getting other people to do their work than doing my own).


  • I have Skype/AIM/iMessage, and of course e-mail, though the former options are better (It's best to be able to be reached anywhere at any time for a chronic issue like this, no?)
  • I Live in California (PST [GMT-8]) though I stay up late (Hoping to fix this)
  • I'm okay with text and audio chat (might be a while before I'd be comfortable with video)
  • You can alpha-test my novel (But only if you want to). Tongue out



Accountability Partner - 29, Male


I am a work from home professional who trains on a regular basis and  is also finishing his graduate studies. I would benefit from a dedicated email/online pal stystem too. I dont have acess to AIM/Imessage etc but woudl prefer to keep in touch through emails and the chat room( we can open private chat to have continued talk)

I am up  from 5 am to 9 pm EST ie.  2 am to 6 pm your time and work from 8 am ie 5 pm your time.  

Would love to test your alpha novel!

Let me know what u think



Hey Working! Sounds good! My

Hey Working! Sounds good! My girlfriend's in town, so I won't be available until the 5th, but I'll shoot you a message then.