Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Seeking an Accountability Partner

Not sure how accountability partners work (I have a sponsor for 12 Steps CODA, but this seems a little different) but this is what I'm looking for:

1. Female

2. My main difficulty is procrastinating University work (writing papers), I'm working towards a graduate degree, so it might be better to couple to someone with similar issues. Though I find procrastination to affect all aspects of my life.

3. My time zone is GMT +2. Which means that I'm 2 hours ahead of UK and 7 ahead of US East Coast and 10 hours ahead of US West Cost. I thought of having daily or weekly Skype talk, so time differences should be taken into account.



uk, female, student, mother

dear Red and Roab,

I too could use a buddy arrangement, this year is where my marks start to really matter, also I intend to apply to another university for my final year to complete my degree, I will have to be really on it!!!

Which clearly is difficult for me. I seem to be very mentally disorganised: the whole 'Step One, break it down' notion makes me feel terribly inadequate! I always feel as if I just need to be shown how it's done and I'll get it, but I couldn't possibly work it out for myself! Or at least, not in a way that actually saved time and was easy and efficient.

Anyway, do get back to me if you want to work something out,



It's an inside job...

Buddy up?


 I'm new to the community here.  I too would benefit from an accountability partner, who can help me to;  a) prioritise / triage what is most important-depsite the fear of doing it.   b) that is willing to assist me in being accountable for doing it.

 And in return I would do the same -as clasically I am very good at motivating  and enabling others to make commitments,  just not myself!! 

  • I am female
  • I have work, study, and other interests -all of which I procrastinate on. 
  • I live in the UK, have skype and email.  I can wake up early (one of my goals) and this is much better if I have a solid reason to do so! 

Let me know if you are still looking!