Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Tuesday 14th August 2012

tracy-la check in 8-14 -


The moment an individual can accept and forgive himself, even a little, is the moment in which he becomes to some degree lovable.
  —Eugene Kennedy

If we owe a bill and pay it in full, do we return to pay that same bill over and over again? If we did, someone would surely question what was wrong with us. Yet, how often do we ask forgiveness for the same thing over and over again?

How wonderful to know that we do not have to condemn ourselves, even for not living up to a goal we have set for ourselves. Once we say we are sorry, we need to be willing to forgive ourselves. After all, how else do we learn and grow except by mistakes?

When we have forgiven ourselves, we become free to take risks again without fear of unforgivable failure, and who knows what new successes we might attain?

Is there something I can forgive myself for today?

From Today's Gift: Daily Meditations for Families ©1985, 1991 by Hazelden Foundation. 


My list today:

Went fairly well -- working on new morning routine. I will keep experimenting with it.

Got a lot done today (this morning and afternoon) -- just had an hour to do some personal tasks - now will go back to work.

Will keep on task for late afternoon/evening hours which is when I start to falter or get off task and become distracted. This is when I come to chatbox or use timer.

Have great day/evening.

5:30 pm -  7:15 -- did 6 bursts of 15 min each & a deserved 15 min break 

Smile Smile Smile  Smile SmileSmile 

  7:30 -- 8:30 - 4 BURSTS OF 15 MIN WORK - then off to home




elvira's evening

Very spaced out and dopey this evening after massage and acupuncture. It does wonders for my stress levels, but nothing for my get-up-and-go!

I have been loafing around all evening, but I've got to prepare for tomorrow and this means


  • checking the weather forecast for Weds & Thurs
  • packing suitable clothes for both days
  • looking up some walks
  • getting to bed in good time 

  Done the easy bits I can do from the computer ...Tongue out

I think I need coffee. 

tila - Tue

Not motivated today at all. Need to make this fun. 

  • LR - review mistakes, do 49 (1/2)
  • RC - 12/13 did 3 LG instead
  • groceries/dinner


wrkinprogrss: 8/14/12

Hi, All!

Vic, thanks for your post--I like it!

My list for today

Done (or done enough)! think re priorities for day
Made or am making progress think re how I might approach getting into "the zone" (frcfields, ck-in/bkndg?)
Made or am making progress bookending and check-in at P.A.

Done (or done enough)! postpone tomorrow's health appointment
Done (or done enough)! position tennis ball for foot exercises and start doing them
Done (or done enough)! start dishwasher

Done (or done enough)! job email and reminders:

  • Done (or done enough)! open
  • Done (or done enough)! reschedule any reminders not quickly do-able within 3 minutes
  • Done (or done enough)! scan for urgent items, schedule or do
  • Done (or done enough)! routine clean-up
  • Done (or done enough)! note and schedule non-urgent items

Made or am making progress make progress with job task evaluation/closing (deadline is tomorrow!):

  • break it down!
  • Made or am making progress open mindmap
  • make 1 update or draft 1 email
  • repeat

Done (or done enough)! shower & wash hair
submit timecards
reduce entropy for ten minutes

write 1 zine paragraph
Done (or done enough)! do QG & Dr.P exercises
take bedtime Rx and have lights out and sound off by 23:00

Vic 8/14/12

Show up (done) , calender

Research suggests that saying “thank you” out loud can make us happier
by affirming our positive feelings. Bryant also suggests thinking of a
new blessing for which you’ve never given thanks.

InnerTruth's check-in

Had MD appointment that lasted all morning including transit time.

Have 2 hours to go before I leave for my part-time job.

To do

  1. Check email
  2. Organize job files. Apply to one job.
  3. Lunch
  4. Start email notice, if time permits.
  5. Update database

After work

  1. Get free food with coupons
  2. Deposit cheque. Get cash out.
  3. Go to grocery store
  4. Call Sheryl
  5. Read paper and recycle
  6. Organize client file

Write "to do" list for Wednesday with estimated time on how long it takes to do something.

Take medication at 10:00 pm. In bed by 11:30 pm



fudoshin: checkin: 8:43pm

Please do not leave advice or feedback.  Thank you.  Prayers welcome. 



I'm so angry at myself for waking up late.  I am sick and tired of this,
yet have not had the strenght to get up early because I've been "on my
own" and not accountable to anyone.  So I am making a pledge here for  a
few days.  In the very least I'd like to start waking up at 7am, but in
order to work out in the morning I need to wake up at like 5:45am
(start getting ready for bed at 9:45pm), which is my ultimate goal.  But
now today I slept in until nearly 10:30am.  So tomorrow, Saturday, I
want to wake up by 10:00am.
(Did this.)

Sunday 9:30am (1:30am)(Did this.  But did not prepare for bed last night, however I did lie down on my bed and fall asleep at before 12:30am)

Monday 9am (1 am) (Did this but did not brush my teeth or shower that night.)

Tuesday 8:30am  (12:30am) Did this but did not brush my teeth or shower last night, just passed out on the couch.  Apparently I really need to respect this "get ready" recommendation time.  I need to do this because I need to be well-rested if I'm going to be functional enough to go running, work life, or being able to wake up on time the next day.  Tiredom has cascading effects.  So I'm committing to getting ready for bed at midnight tonight (or however quickly I come home), and doing thirty minutes of exercise before that time, because it helps me to stay positive and feel good about myself.  Also brushing my teeth at night makes time in the morning for other things.

Wednesday by 8am (12 am)

Thursday by 7:30am (11:30pm)

Friday by 7:00am (11pm)

Saturday by 6:30am (10:30pm)

Sunday by 6:00am (10:00pm)

Monday by 5:45am. (9:45pm)


I must also start getting to sleep at the accompanying times.  I must
brush my teeth at night as it is the first inducer to go to sleep.  I
know that I only stay up because I get horribly bored and lonely, so I
end up watching streaming television until I cannot keep my eyes open. 
Mostly out of loneliness, depression, obsession or a pure feeling of not
having any fun, but waking up earlier will permit me to have fun at the
gym before I leave.  Moreover, waking up on time will allow me to
attend social engagements that I'm now kicking myself for not being able
to attend due to my waking up at this time (namely a company department
party).   I am really angry at myself and embarrassed at all the
stares, but this isn't about other people, this is a life problem that I
have, and it has nothing to do with the particular job.  This could be
any job and I'd still have this problem and that stagnancy horrifies
me.  Perhaps not enough, which is why I'm posting this here.  Once I
reach my commitment as specified above, I do not need to keep on holding
to it, I will decide whether to recommit to a new thing after that,but I
just want to give myself a chance to make that decision, and to make
decisions about my own personal timing.

kromer 11:30 CI

Back from vacation

I always have a hard time getting started after vacation, and today is no exception...I have been in lab for an hour and have just now started to figure out a plan for the day.

Today I will:
Clean off my bench (made awesome progress on this)
Check on expts (made a small start on this; not going to be able to finish today)

Submit samples

Mail book
Start writing intro  
(I didn't get as far on this I would have liked, but I have an outline and 200 very rough words, out of a total of 700-800)

Go dancing for an hour
Pay school bill and verizon bill

Check in with JA, order probes

Lavida Tues. morning 8/14

Good morning PA'ers, very grateful for this group/site.

I'm listening to my second UA phone meeting right now. It's giving me some strength. 

Starting to feel remorse for my meanness to family members for not helping me pay rent or other bills. That has forced me to hit bottom which perhaps is the only way I'll learn to lift myself up with God's help only, not other people. I need to learn I cannot rely on others' money and that my procrastination is a disease/defect that I use to act out my codependency. 

This morning I have written a list of things to do today, because I have notes all over my desk and it's overwhelming. i'm trying to FOCUS. I'm scared about asking family for help with other things they've agreed to help me with in the past beyond my regular bills - even though it's part of the agreement my recent lambasting of some of them might put that help in jeopardy now and I'm afraid to even ask. 

I am still dealing with the weight of rent unpaid for 2 weeks, now likely going into not being able to pay for next month's either. 

I am proud of myself for calling 3 agencies yesterday (yay! Laughing)

No jobs yet but a possible good one lasting 4 months, but not starting till Sept. I sent my resume. Also told another I'm willing to lower my rate for the other one. The third one I have to send resume. 

What got me through my electric bill debacle yesterday was: 

  • CALM

on Foundation of my Higher Power. 

Thanks for letting me share. Blessings to all procrastinating avoidants today, may we find the strength to do the next right thing. Amen. 



"If you feel you're about to drown, remember Tool 1 and Break .. It .. Down"

My Day Today

I want to thank my Higher Power for this program, this website, the telephone and online meetings, and my life.

I want to thank Hypatia for starting this trend.

Things I will do today

1. Take shower

2. Go to the 9:45 a.m. telephone CLA activity line

3. Get dressed

4. Eat breakfast

5. Go to the vocational group at 11 a.m.

6. Go to the 1 p.m. telephone CLA activity line

7. Cook and eat lunch

8. Declutter 500 e-mail

9. Do my Sixth Step in NA

10. Read my Third Step prayer

11. Read the meditations

12. Wash dishes

13. Clear tables

14. Clear floor

15. Cook and eat dinner

16. Go to the 6 p.m. telephone OA meeting

17. Go to part of the 7 p.m. telephone OA meeting

18. Call my OA sponsor

19. Go to the 8 p.m. telephone CLA meeting

20. Go to part of the 9 p.m. telephone OA meeting

21. Go to the 9 p.m. online EA meeting

22. Go to the 9:30 p.m. telephone CLA activity line

Thanks for letting me share

Vien 14-8-12

Thank you Hypatia for the starter.

I am glad to be getting into a sleeping pattern once again. Life was good back when I started the day off right; I was regulated, productive and generally engaged in life. Hopefully that will reign again.  


  • 40 leglifts
  • Shower
  • F Oil
  • Mouthwash/brush   
  1. Work search (10+ minutes)
  2. Code (20+ minutes)
  3. Volunteer search (10+ mins); inquire to at least one
  4. Chanter practise (10+ minutes) 


  1. Shave
  2. Pet care: afternoon/evening
  3. (Unmount drive for dual-boot)
  4. Update phone OS
  5. Call Hakim?  
  6. 5 x 10, at least twice
  7. Pipes (5+ minutes)
  8. (Extract bike rack)
  9. Business brainstorming (20+ mins)
  10. Dishes
  11. Lock up house 
  12. Mouthwash/brush  
  13. Bed before 0100  

- "A procrastinator's work is never done."


  • revise and practice two tests before exam
  • go t ocourse
  • take exam
  • text/ring landlord
  • write lmaintenece ist for them
  • make dinner
  • ring sponsor
  • washing
  • chpt 1 edit down
  • chpt 2 edit down 
  • put in info grey book
  • put in other info
  • practice course work for tomorow
  • read through module for tomorow
  • bed early

Hypatia's check-in

Job planning with the boss went well yesterday.  The dept have been very supportive.  I've been given a target of end Sept to get all my reports caught up, which at the present rate is quite feasible.  And a target of December to complete my appraisal, which I really ought to get done long before then.  I have been absolutely amazed and grateful how helpful and tolerant everyone has been during my bereavement and subsequent depression.

today's plan

  • in-tray - clerared all the new stuff, but not the backlog
  • e-mail CR
  • find notes for lunch time meeting 
  • panel reports
  • check e-mails
  • ring CR
  • lunch 
  • BCDT meeting
  • LD meeting
  • clear desk
  • postgrad meeting