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get things done on my time off

title says it all. I'll try not to make it too overwhelming. Let's aim to have these things done by when my summer classes start (which is who knows when).

optics stuff

I have to do 6 labs over the summer. . .Just talked to the guy today about the schedule.

Things to do May 23-29
-Email K re Lasers notes
-Read lab manual
-Read lab rubric
-"break it down" for lab report

@katia -- re: labs

Congrats on finishing Lab 1.
Encouragement on Lab 2.


Lab 2- TBD (to be done)

Break it down Lab 3
-Type up data
-Abstract- process
-Abstract- results
-Interferometer alignment- paragraph 1
-Interferometer alignment- paragraph 2
-D line splitting- calculations
-D line splitting- uncertainty analysis
-D line splitting- how and discuss
-D line splitting- compare
-Wavelength- calculations
-Wavelength- uncertainty
-Wavelength- how and discuss
-Wavelength- compare
-Post lab question 1
-Post lab question 2
-Post lab question 3

Lab 1- DONE

Lab One. eek.

Break. It. Down.

-Read rubric for abstract
-Write summary part of abstract
-Write results part of abstract
-Aligning the grating paragraph
-Type up data
-Calculate grating spacing
-Unknown source wavelength calculation
-Compare and discuss results
-Non 0 angle- eqns for wavelength and uncertainty
-Plot graph
-Experiment Discussion
-Post lab question 1
-Post lab question 2

Katia - that's great!

Well done on Lab 1.  That looks a big piece of work


math stuff

I need to re-take a math class, so I think the best thing to do to prepare for that would be to do all the old homeworks that I didn't get done when I was taking the class.

I would like to do one a week for the whole summer. Let's see if I can actually do that.

Goal for May 23-30- review sections covered with HW 1, do HW 1, start cheat sheet

Learn how to complete the square!!!

encouragement to Katia


thank you!


@ katia

Wow, look at all the tasks you've crossed out
during May and June!

Sending encouragement for July!

@ moving

Thank you so much! It is so nice to get encouragement.

I am very glad that I was able to give Connor a fantastic summer so far. I did get into a funk (and am still in one a bit), but am hoping to try some new things.

Thank you!!!

things to get done on time off

-Email Dr. Brown
-FIGURE OUT SUMMER CLASSES!!! I know what I'm taking!

-Go through backpack
-Wash backpack!
-Clear out purse
-Clean up that one chair
-Wash comforter woo!
-General room tidyness

-Take him to at least 2 cool things every week
-May 13-19- 2 walks, dinner/breastfeeding group, trampoline place- A+ for mom! :D
-May 20-26 2 walks, SUPER fun playdate, doing good :)
-May 27-2 memorial day fun at the beach, picnic at the waterfront and walking
-June 3-9 don't remember this week either, but we definitely did at least two things
-June 10-16 don't really remember but pretty sure we met the quota lol
-June 17-23amazing week- two walks in ONE day, sprinkler/baby pool, parade/carnival!, more walking, and a playground playdate.  WOOT!
-glue his toy together
-replace batteries in his drill
-research rechargeable batteries
-go through bag of clothes
-Organize his drawers (not his underwear!) pretty organized
-Organize toys?? (eeep!) delegated to my sister lol

-Necklace for friend
-Finish writing parody
-Update blog? HA!!!
-See about wisdom teeth
-See about program for Connor woo
-Drop off clothes at charity organization

-Play video game best friend gave me
-PRACTICE GUITAR!!! (at this point if I do it once I will be pleased)

Other extra things I did that are also important:
-Financial aid thingSmile