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Hypatia's one-a-day

I'm gradually making progress on my project to catch up all my reports at work.  But I'm having awful problems getting anything done at home.  It's mostly demand resistance - I hate doing chores and paperwork around the house, and the more I know I must do them, the less actually gets done.  I'd already worked that out, and my psychologist came to the same conclusion independently.

My psychologist has given me some homework to try and break the negative cycle.  I am to challenge myself to do one task a day in the house that I particularly dislike or procrastinate on.

I've decided to post  on here what I have done each day that comes into that category. I have absolutely got to do something to sort this out - my house is a tip, I'm getting bitten by the fleas that the cat has got, I've got hardly any clothes that are presentable as they haven't been ironed, and I've got paperwork going back for months, including a lot of the stuff following my husband's death 7 months ago.




May i join you in the one-a-day for disliked house tasks Hypatia?

I am in the same boat... hope you don't mind me posting on your page?

So stuck, wanting things different and I see this might be a way...

do come in, Chickadee

You'd be most welcome.  I would be happy to open this thread for anyone who would like to join in.


Thank you Hypatia. This

Thank you Hypatia.

This is such a sensible strategy. Today i have two such resented tasks.

I have done one of them. Started clipping the hedge, which i have neglected all summer. Now i have a massively resented taskmrelated to work. Just doing it, not resenting it, is how i will be free. 

But otherwise, yse, one a day, i want to do that. 

Hypatia's one-a-day: August


changed the bed linen
gave the cats their flea drops

11  30 mins ironing  
12  washed my hair  
13  40 minutes ironing PS someone told me my hair looked really nice

cleaned and flea sprayed the soft furnishings in the front room

 15  -  but I did quite a lot of study
 16 vaccuumed the hall and then the vaccuum cleaner broke!
 17  finished the ironingSmile unfortunately I now have to do some more washing
 18  - lots of essential chores but nothing really challenging
 19  -  as yesterday
 20  typed and checked university assignment  
 21  -  gave up and fell asleep early - not goodFrown
 22 major clearing up of front room  quite an achievement Smile
 23  -  wasted evening
 24  -  more wasted time
 25 ironing and clearing up the kitchen  
 26  away  
 27  unpacked; washed hair  
 28  -  wasted time - fell asleep early
 29  cleaned all my shoes  
 30  -  

paid car tax and window cleaner
tidied bedroom
put shopping away as soon as I got home



I met the challenge on 14/22 days.  It's very mood dependent, and if I've been busy at work, or did a lot of study the previous day my demand resistance kicks in. Anyhow I'm going to keep going because it's helping a bit.