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Looking for bookending buddies, folks to do "co-working" with

Hi everyone, 

I've been using a really helpful tool (well, it helps when you remember to use it, that is!) which is bookending tasks one-on-one style.  I know a lot of us do this, sometimes with the conference call line.  I've found what's most helpful to me is to do it one-on-one with a friend, by phone.  A fellow traveler who I met through PA believed firmly in 25 minutes being a magic number.  I'm a bit flexible - 25 - 45 minutes.. but the gist of it is, we alternate phoning each other in 25 to 45 minute increments.  It goes sort of like this:


me: hi friend!

friend:  hi!  

me: so what are you going to do for the next half hour?

friend: hmm, I don't know, I have so much to do today (insert overwhelming long list of anxiety provoking tasks here) 

me:  hmm, well, which thing do you think you're gonna try in the next half hour?  

friend:  oh.. well, I guess I need to shower and walk the dog

me: awesome

friend:  what about you?

me: ..overwhelming long list of anxiety provoking tasks

friend: hmm, well, which thing do you think you'll try in the next half hour?

me: oh, I should have coffee and toast

friend:  yay coffee and toast!

me:  ok.. so, you'll shower and walk dogs, i'll have coffee and toast, we'll talk again at 9:35.  I'll call you

friend: awesome , Go Team!

me: Go Team!

friend: k bye

me: bye : )  


So that's it.  And thought it takes a long time to write it out, it takes hardly anytime to speak it, and both parties are mindful to keep the check-in calls short.  

Alternatively/additionally, in the past I've had good luck with doing a coworking-by-skype thing with a friend who also works from home a lot.  We do the checkins, but instead of phone we just leave a skype video call running. I think part of why this really helps is that it makes everything less lonely/dread-inducing.. you've got a friend in the room, and you're both working/expecting the other to work.  if my skype buddy goes to the kitchen to clean or put up a shelf, that's cool, we just come back to computer (or switch to phone if one needs to run out) and check in every so often.  Much less lonely this way! 

So, these are some tools I've found that have helped, and I'm wondering if anyone would like to "meet up" (via skype or phone) and see if we might be good bookending/ check-in buddies?   I'm on the East coast, and especially looking for someone who might want to do early morning check ins to help with the getting-starting-early (say 7, 8, 9ish.)

I should add that for myself I'm really not interested in check ins that are primarily text based - email and text messages are useful occasionally, but I do so much self editing that, for me, they are an absolute field day for my procrastination/perfectionism tendencies..  and, they are time consuming - I can almost always say something faster than I can write it - and the idea of this for me is for it not to take too much time away from getting the shit done that i'm afraid of/need to do/have been dreading/etc.   Plus, personality wise, I'm really relational and tone of voice makes interactions much more meaningful for me.  But hey, all that said -  if you're a texty-type please do reply, maybe another texty-type will see your reply and find you !   

Hmm, so that about sums it up.. I want to post my phone number here but I'm a little shy of it, but if you private message me or reply here that you're interested in this, I'll send it and/or skype to you straight away and we can chat!! 

Thanks for reading everyone  : )   


Me too! Looking for bookending buddies for co-working

Thanks for your post sudeenlythenight!  What you described is almost exactly what I have been looking for!  You did a great job to explaining it.  Did you find someone?  Is anyone else out there looking for something similar??

What I can offer/am looking for re: a "co-working buddy" =

* reliable daily morning phone check-in (Mon-Fri EST, weekend optional, end of the day check-in when possible)

* shared TO DO Google spreadsheet to keep track of tasks (I've already created one that works pretty well)

* accountability

* morale support! 

If you might be interested, please private message me or reply here and I'll send my phone number and/or skypename to you and we can chat. 

Mon-Fri telephone check-ins

if you are looking for Mon-Fri EST telephone check-ins,
see this meeting list:

The morning check-in meetings last 15 minutes each.
Short but powerful 12step-themed meetings!

At those meetings, you can meet others to check in with regarding tasks. That meeting phoneline can also be used for checking in throughout the day. These types of check-ins are VERY fast -- just 2-3 minutes max for a call -- similar to the sample dialogue in the opening post at the top of this thread.



I will call in tomorrow and try to find someone to check-in with regularly, if possible. 

Bookending buddies


I'm also interested in being a bookending buddy.

I work from home and have a part-time job so every 45 minutes would not be good for me.

Perhaps two or three times a day.

We let each other know when we would not be available and let each other know the day before approximate times that we would contact each other.

I'm in Toronto, Canada (operating on daylight savings time).




Cool I'm in Toronto too.

fudoshin: responding to suddenlythenight co-worker request

I'm totally looking for a co-sponsor too.  But I don't think I'd be able to call anyone every forty five minutes.  I would however be able to book end, maybe each day, twice a day at most.  (Because of my schedule.)  I can either email or phone, but I prefer to do email check-ins only because we may be far away and on different time zones; you might be asleep and I wouldn't want to disturb you.  But I think calling is really great for outreach calls.  I think I really need people in this program that I can make outreach calls to,w hen I bottom out or succeed.  I need people to share my progress with in more of a vague way, as opposed to once every forty-five minutes, but I can definitely checkin with someone twice a day or once a day by email.



*stand up bravely*


I will do it!

I'm usually not very good at getting myself to work on stuff over the weekends or after 5pm weekdays if I'm not around study buddies. Recently I've been playing games too much with my study buddies. I'll pm you my number and my skype username.