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Wednesday 15 November 2006

JestRight - 7:31pm - Check-In


--redo schedule
--make bed
--updated my schedule with “socializing-okay

JestRight 5:34pm Check-In


--redo schedule
--make bed

--responded to a political essay with a stirring essay of my own

Housereclaimer 1st checkin

HI all,
hope you are all having a productive day!!!

Spent the day at an appointment must go back tomorrow

What I did so far
took out 10 bags of trash[done]

To do
kitchen maintenance
clean off stove
make dinner
wash dishes
clean kitchen floor

Bathroom maintenance
Swish and swipe toilet
Swish and swipe sink
Swish and swipe tub
clean floor

Gather documents for tomorrows appointments
Gather other items requested
reseach form guide
Complete form

Make a list of the things I need to pack for trip
Make a list of the things that need to be done before I go

Bedtime routine


Ten Bags????????

Youre ahead 10 to 3
Wait till the next time we play

scarlett CI 4 pm

Already done:
Eat breakfast
Update grid
Find questions
Review and update master to-do list

To do:
work order
follow-up from staff meeting
work dishes

JestRight 11:02am Check-In

Things I Actually Wanted To Do Today - and DID
--redo schedule

Things I Actually Want To Do Now:
--make bed
--clear desk
--backup from thumb onto laptop
--back up laptop onto thumb
--install desktop PC
--laptop contents from thumb onto desktop PC
--organize accounting courses into notebooks
--install quickbooks tutorial
--learn quickbooks
--find unit 4 of accounting and learn it
--watch 1 accounting DVD
--review bills

JestRight 10:37am Check-In

Eerily quiet here...

No completions yet, but had a call from my Dad's old friend, Commander Vahe, and we needed to talk for a while. I need to go see him too.

That counts.

Will check in around 11am.

JestRight 10:05am CheckIn

Coffeed up, sentient, not yet dressed.

Will post around 1030am with progress.


where is pro?

here I am!

Thanks for asking! :)

I was out of town and offline on Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday I was being massively unproductive. :P And today I am back!

She's off on a trip.

and not checking in, if I recall correctly. It has been quiet around here of late.

re Pro

glad she's okay


re quiet - hah - lets stir it up

scarlett CI 10 am

Already done:
Eat breakfast
Update grid
Find questions

To do:
Review and update master to-do list

scarlett CI 8:20 am

Hey, iw2wh. Going to try and keep you company today.

To do:
Eat breakfast
Update grid
Find questions

Doing tasks I don't want to do today

1. Call customer and tell her I've finished (the high point).
2. Install the mouldings I have ready for my kitchen (I only have
3. Clean off the kitchen tble (This is something that either seldom
or barely gets done.)
4. Help a friend install a door. (I like visiting with him, and he's
helped me alot, but I've been hoping someone else would help him..)
5. Install a new light in my garage. (It hasn't installed itself yet,
and the longer I see it, the less I want to do it.)
6. Do regular tidying up. (From talking about it so much, one would
think it's spotless here. Not so). Does anyone have any suggestions
for battling clutter?

Not a banner day.

Didn't do as well as I hoped to today. I did do some decent cleaning, but cut my wood moulding wrong right off the bat. Plenty of scrap. Will get some new pieces when I'm near the hardware store. Darn. The light is up, but still needs stuff from the hardware. Was so frustrated I cancelled helping my friend till next week. I hope tomorrow is better. Goodnight.

Re the light that wont install itself

I got a computer at that same store

hi jester!

how are you?

hi scarlett

hangin' in.

i am kind of surprised about that, actually.

iwant2workhader 09:30


I need to search courses on internet security and privacy.
This really annoys me: we received a message IMPORTANT, please book yourself on 'internet security and privacy' course!!!! They are
really obsessed or what? I'd better get this done otherwise the IT guy might just decide to remove internet access... Hello internet cafe!

Yesterday, dealt with part1. Much much harder than I thought.
Now dealing with part2 and part3. Part2 should be quick ( hopefully).

I can say I have made some real progress : website 2 !!!!

Ta Da

To Do

- website2 : part2, part3
- website3
- website4
- website5
- website6
- website7
- work with IT group for website1-5

- finance report

- Wrap kid's present and post ( lunch time)
- buy postcard and write postcard to aunt ( lunch time)
- send job advert for new tech guy ( lunch time)
- write list of people for Xmas/New year present, postcard( lunch time)
- pay home phone bill( lunch time)
- phone admin to check if received letter and messages and
who should have it now.( lunch)

- get tax return ( got fined!). new deadline is December... : work with accountant for 2 hours today.
- find courses on internet security and internet privacy.

- phone brother this evening to check he's done what he promised.