Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Tuesday 14th November 2006

JestRight 10:19pm Check-In

Things I Actually Wanted To Do Today - and Did:
find a CoDA online meeting
clarify my goals

Over & Out


JestRoght 8:00pm CheckIn

Things I Actually Wanted To Do - and Did:
find a CoDA online meeting

Things I Actually Want To Do Now:
9PM - check in at
clarify my goals
redo schedule
clear desk

JestRight - 7:00pm CheckIn

Things I Actually Want To Do:

clarify my goals
find a CoDA online meeting
redo schedule
clear desk

Will check in again at 8pm

JestRight - 6:30pm Tuesday Check-In

OK, chasing my tail. :barf: Not sure whether to find a CoDA online meeting, check in here, call a relative, clarify my goals, or what.


Cash Flow
Outdoor Adventure
Ordered Workplace(so I can take in work, dispatch it, and be done.)
Home or Night Club (so I can entertain friends)
Ordered Finances
Great Personal Habits
Regular Schedule for Basic Health & Personal Routines
Clean House - Ready To Entertain
Clean, Maintained Car - Ready for a Road Trip

Will chew on this stuff a little more, and repost at 7pm.


JestRight 6:11pm - Hello


What do you say when you slip back in to a meeting, sitting in the back of the room, wanting to say hello, but not wanting to face fellow addicts and admit that one's Superman Plan has, well, not yet succeeded?

Anyway, I'm back, or so it seems. A little crestfallen, but no doubt I'll be riding an invigorating upswell of arrogance and enthusiasm in no time at all. Know what I'm learning today? The icy slap of reality is not nearly as much fun as the delusions of grandeur that preceded it.

Anyway.... hi all.


Been there, done that

Don't beat yourself up for not doing what you planned. I do the same thing, which is more like planning too much, rather than failing to do enough. Take care, and keep pluggin' away. Thank you.

Thanks, Lark

Thanks lark. great handle btw.

Tomorrow, as Scarlett OHara almost said, is another can of worms.

iwant2workharder -09:33


We have all to book ourselves on internet security privacy classes.
Seems that some websites are not respecting people's privacy.
A bit of a shame really to know that exist. Next week, internet security will mean we will no longer be able to use the internet for browsing, .... any sites, only sites that the IT guy will have examined and assessed! What the F@@@@ is all of that? I will have to
go to an internet cafe!
I have been using my software yesterday and today as well.
It is nice : it reduces paper amount used. and the IT guys say it is
better for privacy. I don't know why they keep saying me that.
So starting on website2.

Ta Da

To Do
- website2 : part1, part2, part3
- website3
- website4
- website5
- website6
- website7
- phone admin
- finance report

- book myself on the internet privacy security class ( lunch)
- Wrap kid's present and post ( lunch time)
- buy postcard and write postcard to aunt ( lunch time)
- send job advert for new tech guy ( lunh time)
- write list of people for Xmas/New year present, postcard( lunh time)
- pay home phone bill( lunh time)
- get tax return ( got fined!). new deadline is December...
- work with IT group for website1-5
- phone admin ( lunch)


For today

I'm happy to say I've reached a nice plateau on the project, and it has to sit and dry for a day or so (not weeks, days!). It feels good to not having to on my shoulder.
Today's "trash day", so take half an hour and put anything no good in a bag and put it out.
Paint the kitchen corner and put the fridge there.
Clean out my car.
Since I'm having a helper for a couple hours, we're going to move the heavy things and clean where they were.
Last, make a supply listing for my next project and make the order.
If anything else gets done above these, it'll be icing for the cake.