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kaoba's declutter project

I want to get rid of clutter and organize my stuff and have made some progress, but I want to be more systematic.

I had started a 365-day declutter challenge a while ago but didn't continue. I would like to restart it by posting here each day about how it goes.

Anyone else doing decluttering and organizing?


Declutter 2/363

. User's Guide for portable chair
. various scraps of paper with phone numbers and other info

Declutter 1/364

. two shirts


I'm in dire need of decluttering.

On Sunday, my sister is coming to stay with me for about a week so I will hide everything in boxes in my closet while she's here. I just don't have time to do a complete decluttering before then.

After she leaves, I need to clean up my files and catch up on several years of Income Tax (our deadline in Canada is April 30).

So, in about a week I will count the boxes and bags of stuff I have to go through and file and purge and develop a timetable to get everything ready by the end of April.

After that I need to go through my closets and throw out stuff I'll never wear again and reorganize everything in my apartment so I'm able to find things all the time and I'm not ashamed to have people over.

What I need to accept is that I must clean my apartment every weekend rather than wait for an emergency and avoid having my drawers and closets so full I can't find anything.

I should be ready to go in by March 24. I'll post my schedule then.

Emergency decluttering

Oh, yes, the stashed boxes and bags. I've done it all :-)

It sounds like you are ready to go after your sister leaves!


or a flamethrower...just burn the lot!! (my fantasy solution)

Yes I totally identified with the 'many clothes of different sizes' etc, I need to declutter badly and I would like to join in the challenge. A little bit each day? How does a 365-day decluttering project work exactly? (It's as simple as it sounds, no doubt, but I like to know the particulars...)

Anyway, count me in. :)

365-day challenge

is just what it sounds, like you said. You eliminate something each day for 365 days. The definition of "something" is up to you :-)

For example, when I started last time, even if I threw away a piece of scrap paper or an old invoice, I would count it as one item. But you could also throw out or donate a pile of magazines, and count the whole pile as one item.

I've got to find something to declutter for today, though!


i hope nothing happens to

i hope nothing happens to me, because the newspaper will take a picture of my place.  and then the headline will read "mad man can't get it together" 

trying to paint some shelves in the bathroom. everything is all over the place.  a pile of stuff in the middle of the living room.

they painted my kitchen and i need to put up shelves and a huge print of guernica in the kitchen.


i have procrastinated studying for an exam, and better get to it or else the news paper will come.


i got books everywhere.  i just want a zen space.  have maybe 25 books, a mattress and a flower.   

i got clothes in every size.  and i mean a lot of clothes in every size

it's taken me days to prep the dressing room shelves to paint.


maybe the best thing to do is throw everything out the window


Well, you have a painted kitchen and getting ready to paint the dressing room, that's progress!

I have had a half-painted closet for about 2 months now, and the stuff that was in there is now "distributed" elsewhere...