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getting our new place together

Its overwhelming to even think about doing this....but if its gonna happen, it will be through me utilizing the support from PA.  We've been in our new rental home since December.  The place looks pretty put together, as far as big furniture and the necessities goes.  But once we got back into the swing of our jobs things have been slow moving as far as decorating, unpacking more boxes, and putting the finishing touches on things.  My dh and I both have the summer off, so the big thing we'll get to then will be boxes in our basement.  Before then, we REALLY need to finish the upstairs, because I won't be able to think about the basement until this is complete! And i know i will feel so much better to have thing hung on the walls, etc.

Living - couch pillows, wall art, pictures, mantle

Dining - wall art, clear everything that doens't belong, nails, paint, new place mats

Kitchen - wall thing (paint and hang), more wall art, things on window seal gone, curtains on window and door, floor mat

Bathroom - curtains, paint wall?, finish organizing closet, new curtain, rugs?

Master - new bedding, move tv/dresser, hang curtains, wall art

office - wall art, bed pillows, curtains

guest bed - wall art, bed pillows, closet, move shelf to master, curtains 


Looking at this list I am not sure where to start.  i am pretty content with living the way it is...unfinished...but deep down i am dying to get it done! Especially if i want to be able to move on to my next project which is opening up boxes in the basement that we've stored away.  This project seems way too big for me.  I think I will start by looking through the list and deciding that things that i know are doable now...or soon.

Okay, i'll highlight in a different color the things i think i can do soon...once i finish them I'll cross through.