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Spring Break To Dos

Revamped an old thread for prep before spring break and then things to do for it. Can't get too ambitious as I only had a week, but it worked out really well before for winter break.

Comments and encouragement always welcome, btw.

Pre-Break list

-HW #2 (BD)
-HW #3 (BD)
-HW #4 (BD)
-Find out if allowed a "cheat sheet" we are not!
-Read ch 1 text
-Read ch 2 text
-Read ch 9 text
-Read whatever other chapters are covered text just these chapters
-Email tutor
-Meet with tutor
-Study study study!
Had my midterm. I am frustrated I did not do better. But I made some progress and that is good!

-Formal Assignment 2
-Primary research
-Primary research w friend
-Read Consalvo
-Pick out quotes
-Read other secondary sources
-pick out quotes
-Polish what is written now
-Add sources
-Work on 4th/5th body paragraphs
-Revise conclusions
-Add table
-Title page
-Works Cited
-Final revision
-Go over Formal assignment 1

-Homework #6
-Recitation #7
-Go over midterm postponed to post break

-Quiz #6
-Go over midterm (Thurs?) postponed to post break

-Networking event (Monday)
-Work out
-Call in prescription

Spring Break List


Can only add things up until March 9th!

Fun things!
-Van Halen
-St. Patrick's Day partying
-Play Guitar Hero

-Work on Resume
-Physics homework 7
-Update Physics notes
-Work on Math
-Organize backpack/papers
-Do Prelab for Lab #4
-Update Calendar

-Order newborn photos
-Get car vacuumed out
-Drop off books at high school (much anxiety)
-Practice guitar 3x
-Finish writing parody
-Update blog

-3 special things/places