Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Searching for a accountability partner


I'm  supposed to write my thesis but i'm doing everything else possible instead. 

I have anxiety when i look at my papers. 

But i really wish to do it, so i tought maybe the pain will be less if i do it with someone else in the same case then me.

So l'm searching for someone who has something to do that is compatible with being online. We could have frequent check up on each other around every half an hour. I know its frequent, but i cant work for an hour on that thing its too hard. It obviously doesnt have to be 12h hours per day and 7 days a week, I have other stuff to do too. 

I live in Belgium.  



Partner - longer term

I have done this in the past and found it extremely powerful.

I am not online every moment but most days I am on.  Am very interested to find a partner!


I have found the chat room very powerful for short term and the buddy system for longer term.


progress nto prefcetoni 


Hey dotnow,

What message systems do you use?  I have skype, msn, yahoo messenger, and AIM.

Let me see if there's a private message system so I can share the adresses with you, if you are intersted...

re: accountability partner

if people partner up in this way, i would be very interested in hearing how it goes. I and others might benefit.

Of course as wrkinprogress mentioned, chat here functions in a similar fashion. And i can report that that works very well.

People are so non-judgemental and supportive and encouraging.

the touch of the master's hand:

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Anyone still interested in an accountability partnership?

Seeing as I am online most of my waking life, I think it would be a good option for me. I'm looking to find a partner with whom I could do bursts with, check-in on progress and goals, and discuss issues relating to procrastination, etc.

I have Skype, Yahoo, MSN, and AIM

I am awake all sorts of hours in the day, so location is not neccessarily a big problem.


I saw your other post on the other thread.
It really *does* get better!
It's terrific that you're really reaching out for support!

Possible partner?

Hi Ojuls, i'm working on my thesis too (that's what I'm supposed to be doing now) like you said I also do everything but that.

The Pomodoro Technique seems to be very useful, I would like to partner with you to beat procrastination.

- I'm my 20's

- I'm working in my internship report and in my thesis

- I procrastinate a lot...

I looking for an accountability partner too, let's see if we match to be partners. What do you think?


Anybody who could be looking for an accountability partner i'm willing to hear you, please contact me, we can use chat, im, text messages, email.

Hello Warrior,  I'm

Hello Warrior, 

I'm interested! I'll be hanging around the chatroom whenever possible, even if there's nobody, just in case someone comes (yup i'm desperate).  

I'm in my late 20's.

I wont be coming back this monday and tuesday. But i'll be there wednesday morning till early afternoon and most of the rest of the week. 

Where are you? i'm at +1 gtm.

Take care!! 



Ill be your partner. So

Ill be your partner. So text messaging, email, other will work? I'm not on my computer 24/7.


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Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your answer, Mesmer. 

But right now i need more than an occasionnal email. I'm sorry to be so choosy Mesmer.

I'm hoping to find someone who will regularily do the "Pomodoro" technique together with me. 

Pomodoro technique : 


note to ojuls

Hi, ojuls,

Thanks for the link to the pomodoro technique. It looks very similar to what we call "bursts of effort" here at P.A. (The bursts of effort aren't necessarily 25 minutes long--I usually tend to use 15 minutes, or 5 minutes on a bad day, just to get started with something.)

You may be able to find people who are happy to do a few bursts of effort with you, on any particular day, just by asking who would be interested, in the chatbox.

Best wishes for your project!

Thank you

Thank you wrkinprogrss, 

I discovered what you said, just yesterday in the chat room.

Thanks for the advices.

I don"t respect the 25 min either, its too long for the first "burst".

I met Sammy and Diana, it so much better than doing it alone.

 Take care.