Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Hello Fellow Procrastinators!!

I've experienced some pretty good success in my life, but
far short of what I should have due to crippling procrastination.  I absolutely have to change something.  I tend to think in bullet points, so here's  a little background about me:


- I'm the VP for a national tour company and travel

- Was lead partner in a partnership to successfully buy
and renovate a 178 apartment complex

- Maintained perfect credit rating for 20 years, then
when I had one late payment several months ago and have now let multiple
accounts go months overdue

- I have $400k in equity in a 90% completed house, but I
can’t pay my bills b/c I have $180k on credit cards that I used from the
renovation.  I should have refinanced
this long ago but haven’t been able to get started

- Behind 5 years on tax returns

- Huge pile of unopened mail from a couple months of
travelling.  I’ve been packing this pile
with me and travelling with it in my suitcase for months

- I lost my first job out of college which was highest
offer in dept b/c I didn’t finish my term project for my last class.  It was my only class for the semester and I
would sit in the computer lab for hours and hours playing solitaire and mine
sweeper instead of working on my project.


I'm hoping this board could help me work through my
procrastination issues.  Look forward to meeting more of you!





P.S.  It seems years of back taxes are a common theme here.  It would be great if we had a special section on tips, companies to use or stay away from, stories of what happened, etc.  I did a quick search in the forums but didn't see too much directly applicable, or at least not consolidated.  Any ideas? 

Hi and welcome!

Hi, Shawn! Thanks so much for sharing and welcome to the forums. I'm new as well and I don't know the first thing about back taxes so I'm sorry that I can't help in that area. However, I remember hearing really, really great things about families who read up on books by Dave Ramsey and manage to get out of tax debt in years (sometimes months) rather than decades. You could also check the Procrastination Books section; there might be one or two books that discuss dealing with repaying debt in a more general sense. 

Wishing you the best of luck!

hi Shawn and Miravelle

I'm new here too (don't count the length of official membership: there was quite a space between application and admittance Smile) and I'm finding it really great, so helpful and positive.

Re: tax issues, I'm in the UK and was recommended a charity called Tax Aid who specialise in helping self-employed and small firms with their tax problems. With their help I got caught up and out of trouble. 

I also get a newsletter from someone called Leo Quinn who helps people get out of debt (basically by selling them a formula, called 'Own your own pay check again'), you don't have to buy anything off him to get the newsletter or look at his website. I read a story on it recently about a woman who got help through an organisation called, this is an AMERICAN charity that offers financial counselling and can help with debt management.

good luck