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Thursday 16th February

Hello, I'm new member and it's the first time to try this daily check-in. Any Comments would be appreciated.


Things to do today (all the big things to do) :(

Talk with Chemistry teacher about my essay

Complete the second draft of my extended essay: finish the descriptive titles of the table, complete the evaluation, complete the conclusion

Complete the reflection about my poem: Complete the rough draft of 500 words 

Complete the chemistry peer review question: Solve the question and insert the equations

Complete the physics lab: Complete the calculation with uncertainty and the evaluation.

Complete the French Presentation Powerpoint: insert images, write my script in french.


I don't think I would be able to make any of these task but still I must try.

Being my usual self, here's only ones I have crossed out. ::Blush::(more of sad face)
I don't know how cope with this since all of them is due today.

Hopefully I would get an extension. but then I don't know how I would manage to meet the deadline again...

Please tell me any tips to avoid temptation of evil web that I have to use them for my assignments.

Thank you for any help you guys would provide. 


I think by the midnight I would post the list again to see how much of the list have been done. 

 Welcome, chicken64yam!

 Welcome, chicken64yam! Very good luck with all of your tasks today. You might find it helps to pop into the chatbox (see link on the left of your screen) where you'll usually find several people who are all trying to work, talking about how they're doing and encouraging each other. I use it nearly every day and it helps a lot.

Nooow, about threadstarters... (and please don't worry - NOBODY HERE MINDS WHEN YOU MAKE A MISTAKE :))

You'll see (under 'Active forum topics' on the right) that there are two threads started for today. If you look at the other one you'll see how we usually do it. Normally, one person will start the thread with a fun picture or something, and then everybody (including that person) posts their to-do lists as comments underneath. So feel free to copy/paste your to-dos into a comment on the other thread if you want to.

Hopefully see you in the chatbox later - btw I know French if you want to discuss anything on your powerpoint :)

Metaphor Mouse! Because playlists are better than tasklists.

Please help me email my mum this week!