Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

I have a Problem - Hello

This is probably a form of procrastination to do the list of things I need to get done, but here it is… if life was an exam I would get a huge fat red “F” for failure. Procrastination is a disease I am going to end, because I am living a life as if I were not trying at all. I am putting off losing weight because there’s tomorrow, I am putting off studying because there’s tomorrow, and then I am putting off college credits because it’s too overwhelming to do more than 12 credits… I withdrew to 8 now.

I want to get through college in 4 yrs, no more, enough of this…. I had a math test due on the 13 (I only started reading today, but it’s a huge feat!)… it’s a self-pace class but now I am 2 weeks behind. I am way behind my “self-pace” economic class, like 20-25 days behind…it’s crunch time. March 10 is my due date for everything, since I told myself I’ll study over spring break then take all the tests. I withdrew from my accounting class, because that was just too hard, and it killed all my time. I don’t know. I have a problem. I can’t study like I use. I use to be able to cram, now it’s like I want to curl in a corner and sleep.

I became depress about this and thought about dying, but that’s stupid. I hate living on the edge, it’s not relaxing. It’s not like I’m not trying, because it’s constantly on my mind. There’s not a second goes by where I am not thinking about the hours ticking by I could using for studying and getting caught up. I want control again.

Well hi.

Welcome, Mesmer. I can

Welcome, Mesmer. I can relate to SO much of this! Seeing life as an exam (that I'm failing) is a pattern I've just noticed in myself, and now I've noticed it I'm realising just how much of my life it's consumed and how harmful it is. 

And the whole getting angry with yourself and hating on yourself and wondering WHY YOU CAN'T JUST DO IT, and determining to exert iron control over yourself - oh yeah, I can relate. So can everybody here. 

One thing I've realised is that the guilt, anger, and trying to batter myself into submission are actually the CAUSE of my procrastination, not the solution. Of course, that doesn't make them go away overnight :) but I've found this website really helpful in starting to change the way I think. Also this website. Check her out, she's adorable, funny and REALLY knows what she's talking about.

Now you're here, do drop into the chatbox (link on your left) for extra support through the day. I'll be around a lot and there are nearly always other people as well. It's just for giving progress updates and encouraging each other. I find it REALLY helpful and am in there almost every day. Just knowing you're not the only person with these problems helps!

Hang in there... you've come to the right place :) 


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Thanks, this place is

Thanks, this place is helpful if you really put effort into it as a supplement tool. If I didn't have procrastination I would be living my version of the ideal life "working 30 hours a week, getting 4.0 gpas with a heavy load of classes, having time to excercise, and staying mentally sane".  Just to have my life together.

 I'm making progress, that's all I can expect. As long as I don't use this site as a form to procrastinate I will be alright.


welcome Mesmer

I think it's great that you can tell that the site is helpful already. I certainly concur. It's a lifesaver for me.

I can so relate to what you and Lucky said.

It is true in my own life that the procrastination takes a heavy tool on all the things i want to accomplish. It is very expensive and wasteful of energy.

Looking forward to seeing you around.

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