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it's getting worse!

I had a week's annual leave last week.  The plan of course was to catch up with a whole load of outstanding things,  I got some done, but an awful lot not.  I wasn't well for a couple of days which didn't help.  My husband's severe disability is showing no signs of improving, and although he likes driving around in his brand new electric wheelchair, he hasn't yet managed to ge tin and out of it without my help.  So I'm not only doing everything for me, I'm doing everything for him as well!

Then I get back to work today, hopefully refreshed after the break, and the telephone doesn't stop nearly all morning, all with urgent problems to be sorted out.  I have a backlog of reports which is hardly any better than when I started my project to clear it a month ago, and I'm surprised there isn't a pile of complaints to go with it.  And the week's work looks like a great big mountain that I haven't got the strength to climb.

I'm really not sure where I'm going with this.  At the moment I'm just trying to catch the bits that will break if they hit the floor.


to Hypatia

Sending you good wishes, Hypatia! I'm very familiar with the "great big mountain" experience--yuck. Fortunately, I find that the "break it into chunks" strategy helps me with that. Sounds like you're using it, too--I hope it helps! Solidarity!