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30 days of crunches

Inspired by wrkinprogress's thread.

I just want to do 30 crunches everyday and 30 butt lifts every day for a month and see if it makes me feel better about my body. I'm quite out of shape as I spend most of my time in school/taking care of my baby. Might be a silly thing, but I'm really frustrated with how I look and want to do something about it.

Day 14

30 crunches, 30 butt lifts. Almost halfway through and I can pick something I can actually stick with better.

Day 13 (months later. . .lol)

Did the 30 crunches and 30 butt lifts.

This is ridiculous lol. But for some reason I really want to follow through with it, even if it takes ages.

(I have been trying to work out at the gym at my school though when I don't have to go to office hours on my breaks though)

I like this

I've noticed that I have a very hard time following through on commitments that I've let slip for significant lengths of time--I'd rather just pretend they never happened and default on them. I think it's awesome that you've picked this back up.

Thanks OnceMore!

Sry I didn't see you comment. Thank you! :) Good luck to you on your projects, outstanding or current ;)

Day 12

Did 30 crunches and 30 butt lifts in Connor's room while he played :)

and one more for katia

Oops, I lost track of this goal of yours--yay for your progress while I wasn't watching!

Day 11

Did 30 crunches and 30 butt lifts before working out (which I recently started doing once a week)

:) chipping away

Day 10

back! (gasp!) lol. the fine print DID say "30 days" and not "30 days in a row"!

just want to get this over with lol. did crunches/butt lifts and 1/3 of the way done.

Listened to Rush's "Working Man"

applauding katia

Yay, you, for restarting this!



Day 6

I have missed a couple of days from waking up late. Still working on that.

Feeling the burn thou :)

Peace and Love

Day 9

Last nigth I did 40 crunches and 30 butt lifts.

I missed the night before because I totally forgot.

So now I owe:

30 crunches and 60 butt lifts. Eww

Day 8

Woohoo! Did 40 crunches/30 lifts.

10 crunches/30 lifts left to make up.

Thank you for all the encouragement!

Q to katia

Hi, Katia,

How's it feeling to have done more than a week of this?

Congrats on it!

to wrkinprogress

It feels good, but I think next time I'll pick something a little more fun.

And tbh, when I'm doing them I think "gee Kait, you just HAD to make that thread on PA now you HAVE to finish :P "

It's a mixed bag of nuts, but the general idea of completing a goal feels good, even though I missed a couple days.

to katia

Sounds like a decent experimental mix--worth doing but also worth fine-tuning next time, eh? Undecided

Day 7

Did my exercises (albeit a little rushed) at 3 am because it took almost 2 hours to get my son back to sleep- he wanted to party. Ugh. But I did it!

Still have 20 crunches and 30 butt lifts to make up. Going to add a little to each day.

Yay, katia!

Great to see that you're continuing with this! Go, katia! \Laughing/

Day 6

Saturday night I did 40 crunches (to start making up for the day I missed) and 30 butt lifts.

Day 5.5

Last night I passed out on my bed while doing homework. I fully intended on doing the crunches but the next thing I knew it was 2:30 am and by the time I got the baby back to sleep I was asleep. I must have been exhausted.

I can either do 60 to make up from yesterday or add another day onto the end. Even though it was implied, I never actually said 30 days in a row! lol.

Sorry! Total accident.

(katia) It's ok!

Sounds like you were definitely exhausted. Hope you can get back to your program tomorrow Smile.

Day 5

is done. Kinda rushed. But playing a 4-7 minute metal song has been helpful :)


Yay for finding helpful things! :grin:

Day 3

Today should be my Day 4 but somehow I slept through 2 alarm clocks 2 days ago. I made it to my 7:30 check in call yesterday, but woke up late today :(


I got my 10 minute work out in. 5 minutes abs and 5 minutes arms/shoulders.

So glad to be doing this :)

Yes, I remember "Clueless" one of my favorite 90's movies.


Peace and Love

Day 4

Is done. Thank goodness!

Bravo for regular exercise!

My teacher tells me that a little bit of exercise every day is better than a bunch just once a week or so. You're doing great!

Day 3

Anyone remember "Clueless"-

". . .and my buns, they don't feel NOTHIN' like steel!"

. .. I can relate.

Day 3 is done.

cheers for day 3

*cheers you on* -- Yay, Katia!

Day 2

Done after midnight. as long as its before I go to bed its good.

katia's 5 minute exercise

I think I'm going to have to take this up too.  My husband and I are working on getitng him to do his physio exercises everyday (easier said than done) so I guess I ought to join in.  I think I'll go for the only form of exercise I've ever been able to put up with which is pilates.

Thanks for starting this, Katia



Great Hypatia!

LOL I had no idea others would want to join me!

Good luck!

yay for katia's day 2!

That's the way I count mine, too! Way to go!

Day 1

is done. And it took seriously like 5 minutes. I feel kind of silly making a special project thread for a 5 minute task but I'd really like to start out very small and move up gradually.

And I am not "fat" I am just a perfectionist :P

Congrats to Katia!

Congrats on starting this project, Katia! I hope you will find yourself enjoying your new mini-routine as you experiment with starting small! It definitely works for me. Laughing

Thanks wrkinprogress :)

I hope it works. Problem with starting big (I'm going to run EVERY DAY!) is that I often get discouraged very quickly.

I hope to add some "fun" exercise in too once exams are done (mostly ice skating, maybe going to the indoor driving range) but this is all I can commit to right now.

:-) You have company....

Hi Katia,


I am new here, I am going to join you in your daily 5 min workout. I am not a morning person, this will be a fun way to motivate myself to wake up on time. I too have a baby and go to school and could use some toning up.

My goal: 

-Complete my morning phone check-in

-Meditate 5 min

-Work my abs and arms for 5 min

-Post in this forum a status update of my quick workout

well i did eveything i said

well i did eveything i said i would i woke up an hour and 15 min earlier than ever and somehow only left 20 min earlier. i  got lost in my work out, went about 15 min instead of 5 min, then had to nurse my baby. the fact that i woke up at 7:15 is a major improvement for me though.

Welcome i wanttowakeup!

I am not a morning person either. So much so that I purposely have my son go to bed later so he doesn't wake up at the butt crack of dawn.

He is 1 btw so not a baby baby. But still a baby :)