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Overdue's some kinda fitness tracker

I know goals should be specific and stuff, but trying to design the perfect goal takes me 100 years. So my goal is to take babysteps towards fitness. I will track what I do here.


gym pass

so i have a gym pass. in my first week i went once for a half hour and i did 20 situps along with a weight lifting routine.

my goal is to go two times this week and do at least one more situp each time.

i would also like to try to run for just two minutes as fast as i can.


let's try this again

15 situps

7 pushups.

i will try to up this by one tomorrow 

fitness babystep day 1

i did 

15 pushups

12 situps


that'll do for today.



Yay, you, for making a start! Sounds like a good one to me. Laughing