Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

w.i.p.'s list of projects

w.i.p.'s project candidates for progress: (I'm going to try linking to this list from my check-in posts, which are already on the long side...)

(pick 1 and do a 5 min. burst)
(maybe pick 1 that leverages?)

call B and ask re nature of TG
read and experiment with Havi Brooks' techniques (tried 5 Things technique--helped!)
read Your Own Worst Enemy
get set up on Flickr to share w/ other workshop participants
email links to J?
investigate spot on glasses?
get glasses frames adjusted?
mg eardrops daily (2x?)
zine! (done for now, but will recur)
handwashing incl for dance stuff! (2 items done on 4/25/12)
song recording? (20+ minutes of planning/mindmapping done on 4/25/12)
clothes-shop: dbr, uw, chamois
z-shop? (looked up)
get dbrx & use monthly (also more small bandages?)
travel/vacation planning (some thinking done)
s/s/t: tangible
s/s/t: electronic
cleaning/washing: k. sink items
cleaning/washing: b. sink (cleaned 04/25/12--plan to do again by mid-May)
yard neatening
balance ckbk (done for statement that arrived in April)
hem up lavender pants
prepare and file health insurance claims
house pre-loan follow-up
storage clean-out
informational interviews?
other acts twd better job?
presentations (one done, one has prep done but has been postponed)
prepare Tai Chi Qs?
Shiva Nata?
a Great Course episode?