Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.


Today I mismanaged my time, like I usually do, and ended up costing my team in my class some points. I was responsible for submitting this thing that I submitted two hours late. It is now 2:50, my statistics homework isn't done, I have two assignments that haven't been completed due tomorrow, and to catcu up, I will, again, have to skip my accounting class. I won't be docked points, because clickers are on wednesday, but I am going to fall even further behind.

I have been insanely depressed since my procrastination has costed me four test grades, in which I got 3 Cs and an F. I have (had) a 3.75 GPA, and my self destructive ways have, once again, done me in. So much for law school or grad school I suppose. Another opportunity pissed away. There is honestly only so much of this I can take. I am sick, an addict, and need help. I procrastinated this morning and I was 20 minutes late for church too. Forgot to mention that one.  I am too tired, depressed, and I feel too hopeless to even make a list for tomorrow, but fuck it. I'll do it anyway.



Some resources for you


Sorry to hear about your troubles.

I had academic procrastination very badly. I was able to study the subjects I liked without procrastinating but with the subjects I didn't like that was an entire different story. I remember pulling many all-nighters, fueled by caffeine, to turn in my term papers in time.

The only time I didn't have it while a full-time student was my second year of university as I was very happy then. My procrastination cost me getting into law school. I did my MBA instead and it took me much longer to finish than I was supposed to take.

Many years later I went back to school at night to study public relations. I didn't have academic procrastination because I was taking the course for myself and not to prove to someone that I was smart enough that I could get a degree. At the time I was in a job that I enjoyed and had some volunteer responsibilities that forced me to manage my time.

I wrote an article about procrastination that I posted here under miscellaneous. The article refers to a professor, Dr. Tim Psychyl, who was a former procrastinator and now does research and writes academic papers on procrastination. Dr. Psychyl teaches at the university where I did my undergraduate work. (I graduated a quite a few years before him.)

Here are some resources that might help you:

At least you are coming here to get help. I did nothing except get therapy for other ongoing issues. But my procrastination led to having some of these problems.    

Hope this helps!