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Falcon is back! Hi, everyone!

Hi everyone!

I'm back after being away a long time!  I've had some changes in my life.  The biggest is that I reached one of my major goals, which was to find a sweetheart.  Laughing  I met her over a year and half ago, and we've been going steady for a little over a year now.

My sweetie has some really heavy, tragic things happening in her life.  She is handling them like a trooper, and we work hard at communicating and being there for each other so we can stay together through it.  It's emotionally draining but enormously rewarding.  Having her in my life is well worth the effort!

Meanwhile, things have been very bad at my place of work due to a change of administration.  So life has been stressful.  I hit a burn-out point this fall, and since then I've been taking on fewer things in my life so that I can handle work, relationship, family & friendships and have enough down time to keep myself replenished.

Now I'm working on changing jobs, which is a challenge in this economy!  And trying to make sure I get enough exercise, don't succumb to winter depression, and maybe manage to get the laundry done at some point.  Wink

So here I am back!  Looking forward to getting focused and on track.  And looking forward to reading up on how everyone is doing!  

Right now it's time to head over to the check-in forum and get my brain and butt in gear for a productive day.  See you there!







wb falcon!

Nice to 'see' you - glad to hear the update about the relationship!  Take care


I value my time and use it wisely - Journey