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Morning routine buddy wanted

Hi everyone,

I am struggling with getting up and getting going in the mornings, not helped by going to bed too late, and going into winter here in Australia.

I have been thinking that if someone would be available online for me to be accountable to i.e. here I am, I'm up and awake - it would really support me in having a better routine. I am hoping that perhaps I could support you in some similar way.

Ideally it would be someone in a similar time zone to myself, but I know there are not so many of you at the moment.

The time I had in mind was 7.15 am here, which (I think) is 9.15 pm UTC/GMT on the previous day.

So using the World Clock converter, I get (just a sample, I know this doesn't cover everyone):

London: 10.15 pm on the previous day.

New York: 5.15 pm on the previous day.

Seattle: 2.15 pm on the previous day.

New Delhi:2.45 am on the same day (but it is the middle of the night!)

I would only need to check in Monday to Friday, so that would be Sunday to Thursday for everyone in North America or Europe.

But - my worst days are Thursday, Friday and sometimes Wednesday, when my husband is away (when he's here he usually gets up so that encourages me).

So even if you could only offer Wed. to Fri. (that's probably Tues. to Thurs. in your time zone), it would be much appreciated. I am usually pretty good at showing up on time for other people or appointments, so I think it would help.

Thank you if you have read this far, and hope that the time zone stuff has not done your head in. We could meet in the chat box, make a separate chat box or just post here.

PS I could do half an hour earlier if that works better for anyone.

(kromer - apologies!)

Hi kromer, got stuck in traffic and was late for you (poor excuse I know).

But congratulations! when I got there late I saw you were awake and had posted in the chat box already.

I will try to do better and be there tomorrow.

Don't know if you read my daily post - I will not be doing my wakeups
again until Sunday 5.15 pm (your time) as I am away from home for a long weekend (also can't access emails).

Thanks for sticking with it! Smile

tracy-la can do some days

sounds like a good plan.

happy to meet up.


Thanks Tracy-la!

Please join us if you would like to at either of the listed times (see posts below). See you there!

hi findingaway

I've been having similar problems with morning routines, so perhaps we could team up.

I'm in America (east coast), so we could check in 5:15pm my time/7:15am your time. I've been trying to get up at 6:45 or so and have been failing miserably, so maybe we could also check in at 6:45 am my time (which I think is 8:45 pm your time). I don't know if that would work with your schedule, though. 

kromer re morning routine

Hi kromer, thanks for your offer Smile

Another person from this forum has also contacted me to do an exchange. My
thinking at the moment is:

  • check in at the set time using the chat box; whoever gets there first makes a new chat room by typing  /join wakeup
  • if all 3 of us do it together, it would help as then it doesn't matter if one person can't make it. Most times I could be there at 8.45 pm (my time) for you, but there are some evenings I am out/busy and could not do it. I would let you know ahead of time if I wouldn't be there.
  • the other person is in the same time zone as you (I think), so one or both of you would be there at 5.15 pm for me
  • then I/we would be there at 6.45 am your time for you
  • wait no longer than 5 mins in the chat box - up to them to meet their wake-up commitment (or not!)

Would this work for you? Hope it doesn't sound too clumsy! We could just do one week as a trial run.

that works!

Awesome findingaway!

I'll be there at 5:15 pm tomorrow my time, then. 


Thanks kromer, that's great! Was going to say I'd be there for your wake-up Monday, but then realised you have probably gone to bed, so will be there for your Tuesday morning.


Good luck to you and Kromer being wake up buddies - and thanks for encouraging people to donate!

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(findingaway) and (kromer)

That works for me, are we including weekends? I am in Pennsylvania, USA Eastern Standard Time (Same as New York)


That's great vic!

I don't want to do weekends but will try to help out with them for either of you if you wish. Because of my time zones it will be Sunday to Thursday (your time) for me anyway.

See you in the chat tomorrow morning (my time)!