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1968sal's winter project: 'CULL STUFF'

It is now the beginning of May. Before the weather becomes uncomfortably warm (about October) I want to complete this list. If I do life will be more organised and less disorganised for myself and my daughters. So I have five months. It will also get the real estate off my back.


STAGE 1:  Go through boxes in dining room: sort, throw out, reduce to one third. Smile (actually done few months ago)


STAGE 2: Go through boxes in spare room: sort, throw out, reduce to one third. (half done, couple of months ago)


STAGE 3:  Laundry floor: empty, sort, throw out, wash, sort. Smile (done last month)


STAGE 4:  Laundry: empty half, sweep. Smile (done yesterday!)


STAGE 5:  3/4 empty front verandah of stuff - take to laundry. Smile (I know this is just shifting  stuff from one place to another but I can't sort it successfully before my next inspection and it needs to be NOT on the front verandah!)  (done yesterday and today!)


STAGE 6:  (tomorrow!) Clean and wash front verandah.


STAGE 7:  Clean, fix and sort computer desk. (one day)


STAGE 8:  Go through boxes in laundry: sort, throw out, reduce to one third. (three days)


STAGE 9:  Wash walls and ceiling in lounge. (half done couple of months ago)(one day)


STAGE 10: Wash walls, clean ceiling in hallway. (one day)


STAGE 11: Wash walls, clean ceiling in kitchen. (two days)


STAGE 12: Wash wall, clean ceiling in dining room. (one day)


STAGE 13:  Wash walls clean ceiling in spare room. Buy spare bed. (two days)


STAGE 14:  Paint cupboards. (fun!) (one week)


STAGE 15:  Curtain sewing. (fun!)


STAGE 16:  Picture painting. (fun!)


STAGE 17:  Clothes sewing. (fun!)




All the best with your project!

Good to see you back on board. Smile

Congratulations on what you have already achieved, and hope this continues to go really well for you.